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  • Mark C - Save $$$$ on repair

    I had a main seal leak on my old Isuzu Trooper Diesel and was faced with an expensive repair just to fix a gasket. After searching around I saw a clip on youtube from a guy named Scotty something, recomending this. With it being a 2.8litre engine I bought 2 X 250ml bottles and poured it in the dipstick hole with a small funnel as Scotty did in the video. It took 2 days to completely reseal the gasket. Kept it in for one week then gave the car an oil and filter change. Been a few weeks now and still no drops of oil on my garage floor. Easiest fix ever

  • Kit Parenteau - It really is small, fast, and it really does just work

    The normal experience with Antivirus is that it pesters you to make choices, slows down the computer, takes up tons of space, and takes forever to get to work. Webroot took that and turned it upside down.

  • Peter Griffin - "Don't worry, Blizzard NEVER screws games up!"

    ... that's what my friends said to me when I was worried that the new skill system Blizzard was working on might not be a too bright idea. Well, turns out they were wrong. Very wrong.

  • TedO - A Different Point of View: Very Disappointed

    BOTTOM LINE: I found the Legend was buggy, performed poorly, and certainly does not work better than older/cheaper headsets. Given all the glowing reviews, advertising hype, and premium price, I was especially disappointed with the Legend. I use a BT headset several hours a day.

  • Product Junkie - I look better

    I got this product and truly loved it. My skin felt softer and looked younger (to me). If you are looking for a good retinol cream, you should give this one a try. It is so far my favorite. I received this product at a promotional discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. All my reviews are real, and the opinions stated are all my own. I do not get compensated for leaving 5 star reviews. If you look at my Amazon Profile, you will see that I buy a lot of items on Amazon and leave a lot of reviews, not all 5 star. Only exceptional products with exceptional ingredients/or qualities get this rating. Below I have posted what my ratings mean. Like you, I depend heavily on product reviews from real customers before purchasing so I try to give the most honest review I can in hopes that it helps others to make a good decision about a product before buying. If you have found my review helpful, please let me know by clicking on YES below. If there is a way I can improve my reviews, I appreciate all feedback. I do enjoy leaving reviews and try to be as honest and provide feedback based on what I would want to know about the product.