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Antioch University - Antioch University provides experiential & socially engaged learning through our masters programs, online PhD program, and bachelor degree programs.

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  • Amazon Customer - Great Power Bank!!!

    I love this power bank! The color is great and is about the size of an iPhone 5s, maybe a little longer. Charged my battery today and the bank still remained on 100%. Love this so much and anyone looking for a power bank, this one is amazing.

  • Eric Scott - but highly recommend not taking it on an empty stomach or at ...

    I definitely felt a increase in energy when taking it, but highly recommend not taking it on an empty stomach or at least with a meal. Doesn't say this anywhere on the bottle and maybe it's just assumed you should, but I felt absolutely horrible the times I took this and not eating at the same time.

  • Another Brooklyn Mom-of-three - MUST use the straps

    We've always had a Phil and Ted's Lobster chair, but when we found ourselves high-chair-less while traveling for three weeks with our one-year-old, we ordered this chair (after reading the reviews). The chair was fine - and my son enjoyed it. Our only complaint is that the seat tilts forward a significant amount making it absolutely necessary to use the buckle clip and it's awkward to do because it's weighted immediately. Like I said, the chair is fine and does the job once the child is buckled in.

  • Christabelle - works well for me

    I have tried many products to help with my color damaged, fine hair (I'm a natural dark blonde) but have had little luck until trying this product. I'm very pleased with it. The look and texture of the product is different from anything I have tried before. It's more like a syrup-y kind of serum than a creme or lotion. It's easy to apply. I helps make my hair smoother, softer, and shinier - almost like a glow instead of a shine. I'll keep searching for other products that may work better for me but for now, this one is IT!

  • Dave - can't live without it

    Lost my first one and couldn't live without it purchased another, if I loose this one I will purchase another. Great knife, sharp, has all the right tools, especially the bottle opener. People always ask to see it, and I love challenging them to figure out how to put the bottle opener back... Tricky. Great tool for anyone.