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  • USTTT - Brilliant quality for the price

    Exactly what I was expecting! Really neat little projector. GREAT for gaming and watching movies. If you downscale from 1080p, most of your PC desktop, for example, will be barely readable, because the projector does a bad/ok job at scaling down from 1080p, if you use 720p, things become much clearer and readable/usable. Better still, if you can directly customize the resolution you send to the projector via a GFX card to 800*480. It becomes even better. Remember, it's basically a DVD like resolution shot on a wall/screen. But for this price, the Geek in me is quite satisfied, but this projector, I would not give to someone who is not at least good with electronics/computer, because anyone using this on 1080p and using the scale-down from the projector, will miss the qualities of this affordable home-cinema solution.

  • Emile B. Husson - Only Half the Story

    I was excited when I first received "How to Avoid Huge Ships." Even at a price I could barely afford, I knew it would be invaluable to me. After I finished it, I couldn't wait to try out the amazing techniques for avoiding huge ships, but, alas, there were none to be found. That's when I discovered that I had only gotten half the story. I was now bound by my excitement to purchase, at an even higher price, the companion piece to this tome, "How to Find Huge Ships."

  • Amazoner - The best water conditioner ever

    The best water conditioner ever. Removes chlorine from tap and ammonia form the tank, helped me cycle a new tank without a single fish lost and nothing but this, a thermometer and a bucket. A+

  • Suchi - Sturdy Stroller, I love it

    We purchased this stroller from buy buy baby when our daughter was 10 month old.She has always been on the higher percentile for her weight and height.Right now she is almost 3 and we still use it.Its safe because of the belt on front.The cup holder is always handy,the foot support is also good. My husband is 5'8" and he never had any problem pushing the stroller.It has survived two international trip.Its still in a very good condition.I will highly recommend this stroller.

  • Philippians4:13 - excellent cappuccino for few $$$

    Don't listen to the coffee snobs who say you need to spend hundreds (or more) for a good cappuccino machine! I didn't get a machine for a long time because I figured they would be too complicated to use, time-consuming to clean, and the inexpensive ones would make lousy cappuccino. But Starbucks gets expensive, so when I saw this one on sale for $59.99 I figured all it needed to do was make 20 decent drinks to pay for itself. It has done that in a couple of weeks! Following the instructions, it's very easy to use, cleaning is also quick and easy, and the cappuccinos and lattees come out great. It's a huge plus that you can use regular coffee mugs, so who cares that it doesn't come with little espresso cups? The ONLY negative is that it really should have come with a milk frothing pitcher, but I picked up an 8-oz. one at the supermarket for $1.99 and it works fine. If you are on the fence about whether or not to take the plunge on an inexpensive espresso/cappuccino maker, buy this one.

  • Donald B. Nauer - Works as stated. Fantastic

    Purchased this product from Costco since I heard it advertised on the radio and how well it works. I applied it per directions as to mix and mopped it to my composite deck that had mildew. After a late summer and fall season of rain, about 2-1/2 months worth, it cleaned to like new. I Also used it on vinyl siding with a garden sprayer. My north facing siding here in Huntley Ilinois is subjected to strong winds and had become extremely dirty. Again after 2-1/2 months it came out like new siding. Power washing is a no no as it will destroy the finish and this is why I used Wet and Forget. I can't understand the reported issues of not working since I have over three years of use in various applications, have found it to be a real time and money saver that has worked just fantastic for me.