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  • laura merrone - A Great Book with Some Great Insights on the United States and the Bible!

    This was a really interesting book about the Masons, Bible prophecies and others and how that all ties in with the last days we are living in. Again, Thomas Horn has done a great deal of well-footnoted research into all these areas and it reads like the DaVinci Code...lots of encrypted stuff even on the dollar bill and on some of our most famous monuments like the Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument...Some of this stuff, I had never considered before. For example, why does the Vatican and the Capitol building have a cupola and a obelisk in the same pattern? Well, you'll find out when you read this in-depth study of ancient history and how it influences our society today...He also goes into detail about what's on the dollar bill and also the Great Seal of the United States. Really, I recommend this to anyone who wants a greater insight into all going on in today's world.

  • SpoiledMiss - It does work, but so does calorie counting and exercise.

    I ordered this initially from a distributor and for some reason I thankfully did not get caught up in the auto-ship. I did ob well the first shipment which lasted me about 5 weeks and have lost 10 pounds. I lost the weight through calorie counting and exercise, not just shakes alone. My initial email from my distributor told me to consume 1100-1200 calories a day, that would make anyone lose weight fast, duh. I said screw that and found my ideal calories from My Fitness Pal and went to work. I will not lie, after the first few days of shakes and snacks, I was starving/famished even. I then found better snack choices including a poached egg over dry toast, tasty and filling to get me through the beginning. I now dont need the heavy duty snacks and do great with Laughing Cow soft cheese and wheat crackers. I dont do the shakes everyday, it's really hard when I am feeding my daughter to try and drink a shake while she has something of substance to eat. I have started making healthier choices for dinner, including a lot of salads but all of this is stuff you can do without the shakes. I only continue them because it's so much easier to make a shake than trying to find another meal option that fills me up with so little calories.