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Affordable Health Insurance for All | American Exchange - Need affordable health insurance? We are an industry leader in selling affordable health insurance on and off the Health Insurance Marketplace.

  • http://www.americanexchange.com/two-years-florida-blue-profits/ two-years-florida-blue-profits - Florida Blue found a way to profit from ACA exchange health plans while other insurers floundered in this line of business. Why was Florida Blue successful?
  • http://www.americanexchange.com/rate-increase-62-percent-blue-cross/ Rate Increase of 62% Approved for Blue Cross - Officials in Tennessee recently approved a 62 percent rate increase for Blue Cross Blue Shield. How will the rate increase affect you and your family.
  • http://www.americanexchange.com/framing-public-option/ Framing up the Public Option - The words 'Public Option' have enjoyed widespread media attention these days as Clinton seeks the Presidency. What would a public option look like?
  • http://www.americanexchange.com/three-obamacare-co-ops-shutter-doors/ Three More Obamacare CO-OPs Circle Drain - How do three Obamacare CO-OPs fail in two weeks? Its because officials make rules that yield unintended consequences. Then thousands lose coverage.
  • http://www.americanexchange.com/obamacare-customer-numbers-increase/ Obamacare's Paying Customer Numbers Increase - More Obamacare customers paid their first month's premium in 2016 than in 2015. More people are paying their Obamacare premiums to protect their health.
  • http://www.americanexchange.com/expatriate-health-insurance2/ Expatriate Health Insurance - Worry less about your health and travel/live more! Let an expatriate health insurance carrier worry about your health for you while you live abroad.
  • http://www.americanexchange.com/future-affordable-care-act/ The Future of the Affordable Care Act - Ever wonder what it's going to take to see a Repeal of the Affordable Care Act? I was curious, so I wrote about the Future of the Affordable Care Act.
  • http://www.americanexchange.com/understand-obamacare-works2/ Do You Understand How Obamacare Works? - We've all heard of Obamacare, but do we really know how the law works? How exactly does Obamacare reduces insurance costs? Learn the law's ins and outs!
  • http://www.americanexchange.com/republicans-release-obamacare-replacement/ Republicans Release Obamacare Replacement - The GOP favors a "repeal and replace" stance on the ACA. This week, the GOP released their Obamacare replacement. What does this replacement replace?

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  • Country Girl - Back2Life Machine a True Blessing

    I was blessed to purchase my Back2Life machine (new and still packed in the box) from someone who had purchased it and then not used it. I have a herniated disk L5-S1, SI joint derangement, piriformis syndrome, and sciatica bilaterally. I have been in pain for the past 25 years, since a car accident in 1989. The Back2Life machine has been a HUGE blessing in my life. I had a pinched nerve in my lower back, and I was in "tear your hair out" pain. I was nearly at the point of screaming in pain. My husband helps me get properly positioned on the machine because my arms are short, and it's a little difficult for me to reach the on switch. I used the Back2Life machine for one cycle, and it relieved my pain a great deal. Because the pain had been so severe, I used the machine for a second cycle. After that, I got up and went to bed. The pain was GONE. I have never had a pinched nerve like that again. I thank God for my Back2Life machine!

  • Duane Buchanan - Great product

    Great product takes 10 yrs at least off my eyes a must have for men with demanding career for the puffy eyes and discoloration.