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  • agogel - good

    good product but im not to crazy about the scent. I haven't used to much yet works well when straightening hair

  • Vince Perri - Oil is excellent, will purchase again

    I am so happy to have decided to give this a try after 3 years of growing out my beard and not using any product my beard looked terrible this incredible oil really makes my very long beard far healthier! It also is priced VERY reasonable and really has no smell whatsoever thank goodness!

  • KSL6968 - Weeping Edema

    I have acute, chronic cellulitis where the surface skin would blister up, the blisters would break and the weeping would literally be like turning on a faucet. For quite a while I couldn't go out anywhere. This product significantly cut down the weeping edema and is slowly improving the looks of my legs. I highly recommend this cream.

  • Onepoorguy - appropriate for the Nexus 6P

    We ordered this specifically for the Nexus 6P. The one that came with the phone was lost during some traveling so we needed to replace it. This charger so far has worked perfectly with the 6P. The phone indicates "charging rapidly" when plugged-in, and the charging is in fact very fast. This unit seems to be comparable to the one that came with the phone. The box it came in say "lifetime warranty", so what more can you ask?

  • hbluu - Stay far away

    EDIT: Ended up returning the 3rd keyboard as well. Another board sent with faulty keys. This time some keys would register twice. Kind of funny how none of the 3 keyboards I received felt the same. Some keys felt sturdy and some keys felt loose. I learned my lesson and will be staying away from Razer. Kudos to amazon for their great return policy and customer service.

  • FLConsumer - Real Deal!

    Finally the grass seeds that would grow fast and furious. I have noticed the first grass coming out only after 24 hours, 5 days later entire area shows green young grass. I will add more after few weeks after I see how it looks when matures. So far so good. I put some Scott's coated grass, and nothing grew out of that...I would recommend Jonathan Green to anybody.

  • tedibear - You can only play about 15 minutes until you have ...

    You can only play about 15 minutes until you have to purchase something. Advertise up front that there will be a charge later