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  • monica fox - Moisture to the max

    If you love moisture without buildup, you will love this stuff. It also smells yummy. It is the perfect butter for winter months.

  • Mom2Many - Almost great.

    We searched long and hard before deciding on this bike as a gift for our 16 year old son. We were all hopeful that the nearly $300 price tag would provide the same quality. The bike arrived and right off my son was thrilled. So thrilled he was okay with the broken reflector and missing break cord. We were less pleased but glad he was happy. We have searched the packaging thoroughly (and repeatedly). The break cord was not included. Kind of a big deal for a bike.

  • Jaron Franklin - Just for looks

    Does absolutely nothing for bug deflection, and completely scews up the windshield washer spray stream.. Only positive is that it looks good.

  • swissarmygirl - Works amazingly well

    Since I put this stuff around, I am only seeing dead / dying roaches. Actually it's kind of funny. A few of them have staggered out of hiding straight to me, as if to ask me to put them out of their misery. Knowing exactly how hard it is to kill a roach, I'm impressed.

  • Babel Tower - The kind of naughty treat I crave

    This well-deserved title bundles 4 super sexy stories that will sweeten your mood as much as Halloween candy.

  • AlwaysShopping - Worst Acid Reflux Ever!

    I bought this product in hopes of improving my overall intestinal health. I take antibiotics daily for the treatment of VERY stubborn acne. Acne is gone, but I worry about the havoc the constant antibiotics may be causing on my insides.

  • Roy C. Leggitt - Installation was a nightmare!

    Installation was a nightmare. Nearly gave up on three occasions. Had to uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable and let Hoyle reinstall an older version. After we finally got it installed the wife really liked the improvements over the 2009 version she previously had.