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  • Liz LeBrun - Husband Loves It !

    He wanted something to clean the windshield and windows in his car (both inside and out). We live in an area where we are likely to have snow and ice up to 9 months out of the year. Along with that comes what we call 'chat rock', which is like very large sand grains that is put on the road to break up the ice. Anyway, the conditions really do a number on the windshield, leaving a tiny crystal-like grit. Nothing he had tried came close to removing this grit, until I bought him Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner. My husband said, 'it did a really good job' in not only removing the grit, but the windshield looks almost brand new.

  • Brian A. Marriott - MSA 30X Hearing Aid

    I am pleased with the performance of this hearing aid. The fact that it is re-chargeable is great. Initially there I had to get use to some of the background sounds, but an adjustment of the volume took care of that. On a few occasions, I have had to turn it off because I could hear things that I did not want to hear. As I said I am happy with this purchase and glad that I purchased it from Amazon and not directly from the TV advertisement.