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  • Mema - Good for hair conditioner.

    This is a good product! It does absorb into the skin very quickly. But I ordered this to use in a deep conditioning treatment for my hair. This is 8 oz or one cup. Very light smell and does not interfere with the essential oils smell that I added.

  • A Reader from LA - My favorite

    I used to get a new moisturizer with SPF every month until I found this. It's perfect. It soaks in nicely, does not irritate my sensitive skin, and plumps up the fine lines. I have been using it for over a year now. My skin looks great!

  • Ronald Pawkett - This book has cut way back on Buffet Coupons !

    I get this book every year because, we go to Vegas twice a year, and have used this book. It seems that every year the book has less and less coupons, that are worth anything. Not sure if I will buy it again next year ?

  • James A. Barbour - Sodastream fails to impress.

    I thought the Sodastream machine would save me money and provide me with soda water. I am not interested in the flavors - just the soda water. But after using 2 of the 33 oz CO2 canisters that they claim makes up to 130 sodas, I found that I only get 48 to 52 sodas per canister. And that was using less carbonation than they recommended. At $30 per canister that comes to 60 cents per soda just for the carbonation!! If you add flavors it costs even more. I have found that are are some ways to get around Sodastreams proprietary refill system but I am not interested. It's going in the trash and I will count that as a lesson learned. So after paying $80 for the initial machine and $30 for the carbonation refill it wound up costing me about $1.10 per soda. That is NOT a deal. Do not buy this product. It is a rip-off.

  • B. Morgan - I can't believe this actually works

    Ok most people know these things are crap but maybe I got a good one because this thing actually works just like it says. I'm quite supprised but it's making my abs crunch and with the belt design you can use it on any part of your body. I really didn't expect much since most of these types of gagets are crap but this one isn't. I took it out of the package and tried it out. Now let's just say I have a little bit of padding on my ab area and usually electronic stimulators have a hard time passing through adipose tissue (fat for the normal person) but this goes right to the muscle. Easy to use, does what it says, really? Yes really this does work. I'm gonna use it for a couple months and test its effectiveness and durability so for now it's worth it, but I'll write back after a good test run with an update.

  • A. Noyer - Honest real person review (not seller)

    It works user - NOT seller. Hoping to add a truthful review to the pile of biased reviews either way.

  • Willowand - great product

    I LOVE this! I can't get enough! It makes your skin super smooth and has a nice light scent. So far I've used this in conjunction with my coffee sugar scrub and my body shop cellulite massager. SO far... using all 3 of these things I have noticed a huge difference and it's only been a week! I can't wait to see the difference in a month! I am really happy with the results thus far but don't know how much the fat girl slim really helps since I use it along with everything else.