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Alison Bass, Professor and Journalist - Alison Bass is the author of Getting Screwed, Sex Workers & the Law, and Side Effects, a detailed account of the ties between drug companies and the psychiatric profession.

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  • Marcella Maret - High Quality PLUS they come with a Lifetime Guarantee!

    These lights are fantastic. They arrived promptly, and were in a nice big box. They are very high quality....and are nice and bright. The Seller reached out to me directly after our purchase, to make sure we were satisfied with our purchase--which we are. One of the best parts of the product---they come with a lifetime guarantee! In the past we have had other solar lights break over time, so it is so nice to know our purchase is protected with a lifetime replacement option. Also, they light our walkway very welI and I highly recommend these...thank you!

  • Darren Colclough - UTTER RUBBISH!

    I purchased one of these for my old mum for browsing the internet etc, after 3 months it would not boot up, and we had to do a factory restore, now it will boot but after 2 mins the screen goes off completely forcing us to reboot, cheap Chinese rubbish, avoid like the plague! Put your money towards something decent.


    This belt is paper thin. False advertising. The massager stops after 1 minute. The velcro waist band doesn't stay and pops off.

  • T. Stuart - Great Device The "WORST" customer service

    I have bought the Original Magic Jack several years ago. ONCE the MagicJack (MJ) has been cleared of all issues: Compatibility with your browser, compatible and "adjustment" with your PC settings including recognition from Device Manager, also acceptance and adjustments to your PC and Internet Protection such as Firewalls and Malware and Intrusion Detection; after all these issues are cleared, it is a great device

  • Ms. Fairchild - works great. got my first year version of this at ...

    works great. got my first year version of this at Best Buy when I bought my computer. $50 bucks, total waste of money. They kept bugging me to renew for another $50 for one year. Glad I looked on Amazon. great price and does everything.

  • S. J. Lobo - Amazing book and Fantastic Shipping, Amazon!

    This book is simply amazing, very easy to follow and learn. It explains basic concepts, and has some useful material - in the book as well as online - that will help you. I frankly didn't even need the study guide; I thought the book by itself was great for me. The authors have taken a lot of trouble with detailing and giving examples, for someone new to finance to pick up on. There are chapters on financial statements, time value of money, bonds, risk, stocks valuation, financial forecasting, capital costs & budgeting, cash flow estimation, financial planning, corporate valuation, IPO's, working capital management, and a whole lot more (don't let the size of the book scare you!). If there is something you didn't understand, you can always use the one-year access card (one per book) to their online resources, and download the excel spreadsheets for each chapter. There are also 4 web chapters for more information. Online, they have explained how they work out questions in the book. The examples are very realistic, outlining actual companies and incidents that have occurred in the US. This edition (12th) has more end-of-chapter problems than the previous editions.

  • Taylor Jacobs - I loved this whitening kit

    I loved this whitening kit. You get everything you need to whiten your teeth and then some. This product comes with two mouth trays, whitening gel, a blue light, and cotton swabs filled with vitamin e. The cotton swabs were what made this product over the top.