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ALiEMU - What is ALiEMU? The one-liner is: A free educational website which hosts free, on-demand e-courses, featuring the CAPSULES series as the inaugural course.

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  • J Hamilton - Works Great and I'm a heavy user

    Like everyone else, I said if this worked I would write a review. Well, it did. I followed Nadia's directions to the T. I was clean for 16 days before the test, and started drinking water and cranberry juice 2 days before. The night before the test, I bought two at home drug test and failed the first one. The next day, after drinking the Carbo, I took the other test about an hour after and passed. Then I went and took the drug test at a lab and passed.

  • Leonard Yearwood - I really like the style and quality of this case

    I really like the style and quality of this case. It will definitely protect my phone while looking fashionable at the same time

  • Mr. Anonymous - Absolute Junk!

    I bought this brand of burner because I have, and use almost daily, an Aroma rice cooker. And I love it. This hot plate is crap, plain and simple, good for nothing more than boiling water for tea. Anything that must remain on the high setting for more than three minutes or so, the burner keeps turning itself off and on, perhaps a safeguard to protect it from overheating. Used too long and you start to notice a pungent burning plastic odor. I'll use it to boil water for tea, but that is about it, until I can find something better. Another case of getting what you pay for. Save your money and buy something that will actually work.

  • Melanie - It is supposed to show that we are all big and small and hairy and not hairy but it really is just boring. I guess my children's

    Not very impressed by this book. It is supposed to show that we are all big and small and hairy and not hairy but it really is just boring. I guess my children's literature taste runs more towards some type of action.

  • Nats - Sulfuric Acid.....

    Since my brother uses this stuff on his balls and crack, I figured it was safe for me as well. I have been shaving down there for years, thought this would be easier and more convenient.

  • Bookfan - Great Insight into large waves & small whitecaps of our political landscape.

    Dan Balz has provided a valuable set of stories, phenomena, and character portraits that define American politics. This goes beyond the 2012 election which Dan uses to bring all into perspective. Even his description of small events, slip ups and short lived emerging leads add to the larger terrain. We should be greatfull that we still have reporters doing the hard work of providing a panorama through the lenses of both the powerful insiders and the outsiders who make up an ever changing public.

  • Dylan Blitz - A Pet Bath Miracle

    This is the best product I have purchased in years. It's so easy to use and clean. It catches all those hairs from your pets and you just wipe them away (so much better than those little metal mesh baskets you put in the drain.) Everyone with a pet should be buying one of these. No more unnecessary chemicals to pour down my drain to dissolve the hair. AWESOME!! Tell your friends!!