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Welcome to the Airport Doctors - The Airport Doctors, is a Cornerstone Accreditated general practice providing a comprehensive medical services including accident and emergency care and pre-employment medical services. We also have plastic surgeon, aviation medical specialist, physiotherapist, midwives and acupuncturist/massage therapist visiting the clinic regularly.

Country:, Oceania, NZ

City: 174.7667 Auckland, New Zealand

  • andy - I love the WORX GT 2

    I love the WORX GT 2.0, that I bought one for my father and my ex gfs dad, when we were together. This is exactly what you need to weed wack and edge walkways and driveways with minimal effort. I would get the speed charger for the battery though and make sure you have plenty of extra string.

  • Gork5000" - Book was made from wood from Pinocchios' nose. Clinton is a liar.

    The wood used to make this book came from Pinocchios' wooden nose. Clinton is the most dishonest & corrupt candidate in US history. I'm a progressive but NOTHING this wretched woman has done or will do is progressive. She's a corporate whore who has sold out to the rich & corporations. Her and her corrupt husband have amassed $300,000,000 since 2001 when they said they were "dead broke". They began selling access to the government to every psychopath in the US & the world. Their Clinton Foundation isn't a charity. It's a slush fund so corrupt people and foreign counties can give to the Clintons in exchange for her selling out our country.

  • Ashutosh Gogate - Interesting

    Very interesting collection. Some pieces are too long and drag a bit, but a nice reading experience overall. Worth the buy.

  • Lynne Burke - Thankful for mothers milk plus!!!

    Using this and doing some 'power pumping' (pump for 20 minutes, wait for 10 minutes, pump for 20 minutes, wait for 10 minuets) for 90 minutes every night doubled my milk supply! So thankful I was able to get my supply back up!!