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South Granville RMT | Agape Therapeutic - South Granville RMT - Kent Smith provides massage & holistic energy healing services like the Body Code in Vancouver's South Granville area.

  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/client-education/ Client Education | Massage Therapy Vancouver - Client education is very important to making permanent lifestyle changes. If you know of other resources that have helped you, please contact me.
  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/conditions-treated/ Conditions Treated | Injury Recovery - A listing of the conditions treated by Kent Smith RMT using massage, intuitive bodywork and energy healing techniques such as the Body Code.
  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/contact/ Contact Page | Agape Therapeutic - The contact page is safe and secure way to submit any comments, questions, requests or suggestions to Agape Therapeutic.
  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/faq/ FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions | Vancouver RMT - Some of the most common FAQ that clients ask are listed here. If you have other questions that aren't listed - please send an email via the Contact page.
  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/rates/ Massage Rates | Session Package Rates - Massage rates and session packages offered by Kent Smith RMT. If you are wanting to receive in person bodywork download the intake forms.
  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/services-offered/ Services Offered | Agape Therapeutic - Services offered from Agape Therapeutic include in person and distance Emotion Code sessions as well as in person intuitive bodywork.
  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/testimonials/ Testimonials | Agape Therapeutic - Some testimonials from a few clients of Kent Smith at Agape Therapeutic. Your testimonial is a great way to share your healing experience with others.
  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/client-education/treatment-approach/ Treatment Approach | Vancouver RMT - Kent Smith RMT has over 20 years experience as a healer. Learn about his treatment approach and practice at Root Wellness in Kitsilano.
  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/client-education/kent-smith-rmt/ Kent Smith RMT | Agape Therapeutic - Kent Smith RMT - I believe that health and well-being is a reflection of the interplay between your mind, body, emotions and spirit. You choose your health.
  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/core-values/#physical-body Core Values | Healing Principles - The core values or healing principles discovered by seeking answers to the question: Why do some people heal quickly while others don't?
  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/emotions-and-pain/ Emotions and Pain | Emotions Create Body Pain - Your emotions and pain are intertwined. Emotions play a role and alter your experience of physical pain and can create chronic pain when they're suppressed.
  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/healing-trauma/ Healing Trauma | Heal Trauma - Trauma in your life resides on a spectrum from small to big. Healing trauma is best accomplished by a combination of talk and body-based therapies.
  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/services-offered/body-code/ Body Code Vancouver | Emotion Code Vancouver - The Body Code System, which includes the Emotion Code, was created by Dr. Bradley Nelson DC. The Body Code System removes energy imbalances.
  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/free-monthly-meditation/ Free Monthly Meditation | Agape Therapeutic - Join gifted Intuitive Healer and Heart Led Living Coach, Sue Dumais to cleanse and clear your energy centers to come back into balance.
  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/therapeutic-relationships/ Therapeutic Relationship | Agape Therapeutic - Positive therapeutic relationships between a practitioner and a client are built upon healthy boundaries, consent and communication.
  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/pelvic-dysfunction/ Pelvic Dysfunction | Agape Therapeutic - The pelvis is your center, like a foundation under a house. There are three main factors that create pelvic dysfunction within the body.
  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/pain-and-learning/ Pain and Learning | Agape Therapeutic - Pain and learning go hand in hand. Physical and emotional pain are the greatest learning resources we have if we ask the right questions.
  • http://www.agapetherapeutic.com/breast-health/ Breast Health | Factors Affecting Breast Health - Read about the five factors affecting breast health and contact Kent Smith RMT to set up a free 15 minutes consultation for breast issues.

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  • Reviewdini - Smelly, read for detail.

    Personally, I hate this. But I'm biased. I hate scents. However... we purchased this because we decided to make our own baby wipes and solution. This was great for that. A little oil helps treat the bottom and keep it soft and smooth, and while this stuff smells very strongly, you aren't using more than 2 drops in the whole solution, so it dilutes and doesn't smell as bad.

  • Non-Partisan Viewer - Perfect Compliment To My "24" Action Playsets

    I have to admit, like others who purchased this item, I wasn't really impressed by the pictures of this playset. However, because I am in such a need for a completely unecessary toy, I had to purchase it. In case you do not know, this toy is not ATA approved and should not be mistaken for the real thing. However, the blank stares and in-action of the security staff will make you feel like you are waiting in line at a real airport security checkpoint!