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QHSE Compliance and Regulatory Services - AES Marine specializes in meeting the specific needs for each client and individual projects. These services consist of: QHSE Compliance and Regulatory Advisors, Industrial Safety Awareness Training, and on-site Specialized Safety Technicians.

  • https://www.aesmarine.com/Services.html Occupational Safety Training - ELearning - Our online educational platform / AES E-Learning is meeting the growing need for Informative/Interactive online Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Education. Through real-world experience and highly motivated Safety Professionals, we have developed low-cost internet-based education for anyone, anywhere, and at any time.
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    First of all, let me just say that this product is absolutely exquisite in its overall worth to society... been waiting a long time, for a tool that will properly define a boundary for those of us having a hard time determining if it is indeed a child or parent we are dealing with. With that being said, the availability in 10-15 packs to start with and the now, more affordable and affable 5 pack made perfect sense and is actually an ingenious marketing strategy on the manufacturers part, as I have already lost 6.5 of my original ten pack order as one had broken in half when I missed a parental test study's head and the tester broke in half on his dim-witted, yet hot as hell to trot, soccer mom/milf's thick as hell, and highly impervious forehead. The other 6 are being held by local law inforcement as "evidence" in on-going investigations.

  • Casey Holley - Supply dried up. Not happy.

    Not impressed at all. Took this for two days and my supply dried up. Maybe this works for some women, but I had to stop breastfeeding after taking this. I usually take a different lactation blend, but someone said this one was better. I honestly wish that I had just stuck to what I KNEW worked. Very sad as my son is a preemie and I wanted to breastfeed for at least 6 months to a year.

  • EricOhio - Might work for some... didn't work for us.

    Purchased two gallons of Urine Off, my wife's cats started to mark their territory after we brought our newborn home. The smell of cat urine is awful, and it just seems to linger. First, I never would have expected to need two gallons of this stuff... so, buy plenty. It goes fast! I really wish it would have worked for us, but it didn't. When cat pee gets into the carpet and the padding underneath, I'm not sure what if anything will do the job. We ended up having to replace a section of the carpet and use Kilz primer on the subfloor to lock in / block out any smell that may have made it to the flooring. We also found that a local vet carried a similar product for a little cheaper. If you need a product like this, all I can say is good luck!

  • C. Ehret - Long Time Quicken User -- and still love it!

    I've been using Quicken for well over a decade. I typically upgrade to the latest version about every 2 years (there generally aren't enough changes/enhancements to justify upgrading every year), and with the release of 2010, I was due for an upgrade.