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Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems | Flywheel UPS Manufacturer - Active Power builds innovative Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. Kinetic flywheel technology is more energy efficient & reliable than batteries!

  • http://www.activepower.com/about-us/ About US | Active Power - Active Power designs and manufactures flywheel uninterruptible power supply systems, modular infrastructure solutions, and energy solutions.
  • http://www.activepower.com/careers/ Careers | Active Power - Do you want to work alongside others in a team environment delivering efficient business solutions? Check out some opportunities at Active Power.
  • http://www.activepower.com/markets/ Industrial UPS Systems by Active Power - Our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems are used in a range of industries from healthcare, data centers, manufacturing, and more!
  • http://www.activepower.com/data-center-solutions/ Data Center UPS Systems & Power Management | Active Power - Active Power manufactures uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems for data centers around the world. Our flywheel technology is reliable and eco-friendly!
  • http://www.activepower.com/health-care-solutions/ Hospital UPS Systems | Backup Power for Health Care Industry - Active Power's emergency power systems provide hospitals & healthcare industry peace of mind. Flywheel UPS are more reliable & less costly than batteries!
  • http://www.activepower.com/industrial-manufacturing-solutions/ Industrial UPS Systems | Backup Power for Manufacturers - Active Power builds uninterruptable power supply systems for manufacturing facilities. Our flywheel UPS prevents power outages & keeps your business running.
  • http://www.activepower.com/products/ Products | UPS | Modular Power | Service | Active Power - Active Power's product lineup includes: CleanSource UPS flywheel systems, modular solutions, UPS service & support.
  • http://www.activepower.com/cleansource-275xt/ Flywheel UPS 300kVA & 250kVA | CleanSource 300 - CleanSource 300 UPS System by Active Power uses flywheel technology to provide reliable backup power without costly batteries! Available for 480V & 400V.
  • http://www.activepower.com/cleansource-750hd/ Flywheel UPS 650kVA & 750kVA | CleanSource 750 - CleanSource 750 by Active Power is a reliable flywheel UPS system available for 400V & 480V. More cost effective and energy efficient than batteries!
  • http://www.activepower.com/cleansource-dc/ Flywheel UPS Energy Storage System | Active Power - CleanSource DC is a flywheel power storage system for mission critical UPS. Lower costs yet more energy efficient and reliable than batteries!
  • http://www.activepower.com/modular-power/ Modular Data Centers & Power System Containers | PowerHouse - PowerHouse is a modular power system and data center container built for rapid deployment. Our factory built data centers are delivered ready to perform.
  • http://www.activepower.com/modular-it/ Modular IT Systems & IT Containers | Active Power - IT modules are a quick and all-in-one way to expand your data centers. Factory built and tested, our IT containers bring IT space anywhere you need it.
  • http://www.activepower.com/service-support/ UPS Maintenance and Installation | Active Power - Active Power installs, configures, and maintains flywheel UPS systems. Our technians are available 24/7 to ensure your UPS system is running smoothly.
  • http://www.activepower.com/flywheel-technology/ Flywheel Technology Explained | Active Power - Flywheels use stored kinetic energy to provide power for UPS systems and more. Learn the basics about how flywheel UPS works from Active Power!
  • http://www.activepower.com/why-flywheel/ Why Choose a Flywheel UPS System? | Active Power - Flywheel energy storage has many benefits over traditional batteries. Lower cost of ownership, more reliable, more eco-friendly, & smaller size and more!
  • http://www.activepower.com/ask-an-expert/ Let One of Our Experts Answer Your Questions | Active Power - Let us introduce just a few of our top industry experts who are eager to help you solve your most challenging electrical infrastructure problems.

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  • Steve Petrosino - Better than generics, for less

    Besides being an excellent quality filter, the nut welded on top for a socket is a knuckle saver when you cant get a filter wrench into that tiny space.

  • H. Engstrom - Relief from Psoriatic Arthritis

    2 years ago I felt like a 90 year old woman due to psoriatic arthritis. I had a full time job and young kids and was desperate to feel better as I couldn't see myself being able to care for my family in the long run in my condition. The drugs that my doctor prescribed me had scare side effects and my mom, who had been on the drug for another auto-immune disease had had multiple cancers. This diet appealed to me because it was designed to be temporary. I was not interested in avoiding certain food groups for the rest of my life. Although I experienced some relief right away, I will admit it wasn't always "fun". My road to healing definitely saw a lot of ups and downs. It's definitely not a "quick fix", but when I thought about where I was when I started, I always felt I was doing at least a little better than that so that kept me going. The detox baths were key in helping get through the tough spots. I eventually discovered that I also had to watch my oxalate intake (no almond flour for me) and added in raw dairy, which has help me stick with the extra restrictions. Now I'm feeling so good. I no longer have arthritis pain but still have some minor skin problems. At first this diet seems overwhelming and impossible to stick to, but once you get your routines for making food and you start realizing how nourishing and filling the food is, other food looks less appealing and is easier to avoid. I now look at processed food as completely unappealing and even though I look forward to adding in starchy foods soon, I don't think I'll ever go back to eating as I did before. This is definitely a life-changing diet.

  • Sandra L. Husted - years with Quicken

    when Quicken first came out in the early 80's we bought it for our bussiness. later we used quickbooks. i had to just update. i have always used Quicken. i think it is a great program easy to use. track all of spending. we even use turbo tax which will use my info from Quicken. i feel it is easy to use and very helpful with mt taxes.

  • grendelcon - Better than most

    Ignore the the best and worst reviews about this product. Both are extreme and will be wrong for most customers. It's not a miracle drug, so don't expect it to cure all symptoms and degrees of joint pain you may suffer. But, having said that it's the best one on the market I've tried. I do a lot of trail running and I'm over 50 yrs old. So I have the obvious knee and back issues that come with older age and beating up our bodies when younger. It has allowed me to take the pounding of running the hills with a lot less knee joint pain. I will still aggravate my knee joints now and then on runs, but taking this product seems to help me recover faster and keep the pain managageable that allows me to continue my passion.

  • christian - Breaking Bad revives Baby Blue

    Was a good song back in the day but now it is a great song thanks to Breaking Bad. The signature sound instantly takes you back to that final scene with Walter White in the lab.

  • RaGe - Not great, but cheap and works

    Poor quality case, stuff moves around when carried. Not great quality tools inside. The ratchet sort of sticks when changing direction.