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Abramson Center for Jewish Life: Philadelphia Senior Care - The Abramson Center for Jewish Life offers senior care services in the Philadelphia area. Learn about our person-centered approach to Jewish senior living.

  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/services/services-overview/ Abramson Center Services: Jewish Senior Care Options - The Abramson Center offers senior care services including medical rehab, hospice, and more. Browse our Jewish senior care options in the Philadelphia area.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/services/senior-care-advisors/ Senior Care Advisors & Consultants - Abramson Services - Abramson Care Advisors offer senior care consulting 24 hours a day. For caregiving services and referral information, call a senior care advisor today.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/services/geriatric-rehabilitation/ Abramson Center Short-Term Geriatric Rehabilitation Care - Abramson Center provides short-term rehabilitation care to help geriatric patients heal and get home quickly. Learn more about our medical rehab center.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/services/in-home-senior-care/ Abramson Home Care: Senior Home Health Care Services - Looking for in-home senior care? The Abramson Center for Jewish Life provides home health care services to seniors in the comfort of their own homes.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/services/senior-residence/ Abramson Senior Residence: Long-Term Care Residence - Abramson Senior Residence offers long-term care in an inviting setting. See a full list of amenities and services offered at our senior care residence.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/services/senior-day-care/ Adult Day Care Services & Senior Medical Day Programs - Abramson Medical Adult Day Services are designed to help seniors with medical needs live as independently as possible. Learn about our senior day care.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/services/dialysis-treatment-center/ Center for Dialysis Care & Treatment near Philadelphia - Discover the renal dialysis treatment services offered by the Abramson Center for Jewish Life. Learn about our Philadelphia area center for dialysis care.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/services/hospice-programs/ Abramson Center for Jewish Life Hospice Care Options - The Abramson Center for Jewish Life provides hospice care options for patients with limited life expectancy. View our Philadelphia area hospice care program.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/services/senior-independent-living/ Senior Independent Living Apartments: Mildred Shor Inn - Looking for senior independent living near Philadelphia? The Mildred Shor Inn features independent living apartments with personal care services for seniors.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/services/senior-care-management/ Geriatric Care Management Services - Abramson Center - Abramson Center offers geriatric care management services to seniors in need. Concierge-level support is provided by licensed social workers and managers.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/about/abramson-approach/ The Abramson Approach: Person-centered Care Services - Our person-centered care approach sets the Abramson Center apart from other facilities. Find out more about our person-centered senior care services.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/about/photo-tour/ Abramson Center Photo Tour: Our Senior Care Pictures - Take a photo tour of the Abramson Center for Jewish Life. Browse pictures of our senior care residences, adult day care, rehab facilities, gardens, and more.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/about/elderly-care-facilities/ Abramson Center Senior Care Facilities & Amenities - The Abramson Center for Jewish Life's 72-acre campus in North Wales, PA features advanced senior care facilities. Learn more about our numerous amenities.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/about/our-lgbtq-initiative/ Our LGBTQ Initiative - At the Abramson Center, we are committed to providing the highest quality care to people of all backgrounds. To enhance this commitment, we are focused on educating our staff, residents, and vendors on how to make the LGBTQ community feel welcomed at the Abramson Center.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/about/history/ History of the Abramson Center for Jewish Life - Abramson Center for Jewish Life has offered senior care to the Philadelphia area since 1886. Read about the history of our Pennsylvania geriatric center.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/about/senior-campus-tour/ Request a Tour: Visit the Abramson Center Senior Campus - Want to request a senior campus tour of the Abramson Center for Jewish Life? Contact us to schedule a guided, in-person tour of our senior facilities.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/about/compliance/ The Abramson Center for Jewish Life Compliance Policy - Our compliance policy adheres to laws, safety codes, and procedures. Learn more about the Abramson Center for Jewish Life's regulation compliance policy.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/about/disaster-readiness/ Disaster & Emergency Readiness - The Abramson Center - At the Abramson Center, the safety of our senior residents is our top priority. Learn about our disaster readiness and emergency preparedness plans.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/about/family-stories/ Family Caregiver Quotes on Elder Care - Abramson Center - The Abramson Center knows the challenges of caring for elderly parents, which is why we've provided these elder care quotes to support family caregivers.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/team/management/ The Abramson Center for Jewish Life Management Team - The Abramson Center for Jewish Life's management team is dedicated to improving seniors' lives. Read the biographies of Abramson Center senior leadership.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/team/auxiliary/ Auxilliary of the Abramson Center for Jewish Life - The Abramson Center Auxiliary sponsors programs and activities for residents throughout the year. Learn more about Abramson Center Auxiliary membership.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/team/elderly-volunteering/ Volunteering for Seniors at the Abramson Center - Volunteering with seniors can be a rewarding experience. See a full list of senior care volunteer opportunities at the Abramson Center for Jewish Life.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/research/staff/ Polisher Research Institute Staff at the Abramson Center - The Polisher Research Institute staff of the Abramson Center are experts in gerontological studies. Read staff bios and learn about our elder research team.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/research/polisher-research-institute/ Polisher Research Institute: Geriatric Research & Studies - The Polisher Research Institute has been at the forefront of geriatric research and studies for over 50 years. Learn more about our geriatric studies.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/research/projects/ Polisher Research Institute: Featured Geriatric Projects - See featured geriatric research projects of the Polisher Research Institute, and learn more about senior care, the aging process, and related issues.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/research/awards/ M. Powell Lawton Award - Abramson Center for Jewish Life - Sponsored by the Polisher Research Institute, the M. Powell Lawton Award honors scientists in the field of geriatric studies. Learn more about this award.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/research/pri-geriatric-resources/ PRI Elder Care Research & Resources - Abramson Center - Access elder care research through the Polisher Research Institute (PRI), our aging research center. Get information about our geriatric care projects.
  • https://www.abramsoncenter.org/research/polisher-research-institute-and-pennsylvania-state-university/ Polisher Research Institute & Penn State Partnership - Polisher Research Institute is partnering with Pennsylvania State University to research aging concerns, focusing on person-centered care. Learn about PRI.

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