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  • Terry Long - Sleepy Time really makes it "sleepy time"

    I've been using the tea for about 3 months now about an hour before "wanting" to go to sleep, and it literally makes me sleepy. I know it probably won't work the same way with everyone, but it sure helps me wind down after a long day and go to sleep.

  • Julius B. - Tastes too floral

    I'm sure some people like the taste but I personally don't. I stopped drinking this after my 5th tea bag and didn't notice any difference.

  • Valerie - I'm an itchy chick! A GREAT all around soap for that!

    After I shave my legs, my bikini area, when my boo boo's heal, I'm itchy. I even got the beginning of a rash in my armpits (sorry/gross) that OTC itch cream wouldn't help in the slightest. After one time of washing my pits with this magic beauty soap, all itch gone! Bikini area-hair-growing-back-sooo000-itchy time? Gone! I'm even cutting out the middleman and SHAVING with this soap! It's divine! Although, do NOT use on or in your Vagina. I only got the bubbles a little close shaving and it burned a little.