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  • Caitertotz - Loved this polish

    Loved this polish. Lasted a while with minomal chipping and the color is absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to wear it again!

  • natski - Teen Health

    A good multivitamin, works good and easy to swallow for a teen. Would only get this if your teen is not getting enough rest due to too much homework and not eating a balanced meal every night, because of lack of time. Helps with clearing skin and keeping her from getting the flu.

  • Diana Goyer - I have a terrible time sleeping

    I have a terrible time sleeping, these helped a little, but did not keep me asleep.. I am a hard case as I don't sleep well so these might work better on someone who needs them occasionally.

  • Melissa Reynolds - waste

    i tried this product for 3 months and had little to no progress. i ate healtier and exercised while taking this as weell. save your monies for a different product.

  • Billie - A great way to get super-foods and your vitamins compared to traditional vitamin supplements.

    A friend of my husbands has been using this product and has noticeably lost some weight with it in the past few months, so my husband got samples from him and brought them home. After reading the label and seeing all the super-foods in it I wanted to try it out. Since I don't believe in regular vitamin supplements I thought this was a good option since it has a lot of whole foods and you add water to the powder to drink it, which, I feel is more easily absorbed. After 3 days I couldn't wait to try more because I did like the energy I felt throughout the day apparently due to the stimulant Guarana which has a lot of caffeine and numerous health benefits. (See link at bottom of review.) I did suffer some side effects from using this product, specifically I have had some intense detox with headache. I know I was in detox because I could smell the toxins coming out of my skin. After reading other reviews I was worried about my blood pressure and my husbands because his is usually very high. We have been getting it taken several times a week and both our blood pressures have been lower than ever. I also have tried the Protein drinks from the same company. I really loved them, they taste like pudding and only have 100 calories. I think they are perfect for meal replacement.