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  • Karen Hoff - Love Isagenix

    I did the 30 day program about 2 years ago, more for the cleansing benefit than the weight loss. Surprisingly, I was able to stick to it for the full 30 days and this was November - yes, I still had a Thanksgiving and was still able to stick to it. By the end, the liquid cleanse days were so easy I stretched the last into 3 days and felt fine. I like the taste of the shake but the juice is gross - I would shoot it like alcohol and chase it with water. I felt great the whole time I was on it (and after!). The best part was when the cravings left me. I did not have another craving for anything probably for a year, the weight I lost also stayed off for about a year. During the "meal" days you get to eat regular food (within reason), and the cleanse days I found to be tolerable if I followed the instructions to the letter because it is designed to keep your blood sugar level stable so you don't feel hungry. I highly recommend the product! Word of warning though - you don't drink any alcohol for obvious reasons while cleansing. When you finish the 30 days, be VERY careful with alcohol consumption (I was not and sorely regretted it) - your liver is fresh and new after this and it is like taking your first drink. It will hit you like a wall if you are not careful.

  • Brittany - Wonderful word board book

    This book has fun topics inside that all small babies and children will relate to and enjoy: colors, shapes, numbers, animals, bedtime and bath time etc The colors and pictures are bright and quick to grab their attention. The book is sturdy and well made for it being a board book and small enough to take with you anywhere. Our son loves this book whether being read to or just flipping through it's pages on his own. All the words are common one's that children, especially toddlers will understand. We have had this book for a short time, maybe a week but are loving it so far and would easily recommend this to anyone looking for a great book to help their child expand their vocabulary!

  • evelyn woolen - Don'T but this book if U are not in school

    I was very disappointed when I found out that because I am not in school, I would not have access to the quiz/test answers. Also, I would not have access to the chapter answers either. I was preparing my self to sit and pass the CPC exam but I feel hindered. I feel that I should have been told before purchasing the book that I would have limited access to the course materials.

  • Kirk - Good Backup...Poor Interface

    It does the job. I trust it, and after digging into it a bit, I got my backups configured the way I want. But the interface is large pain. They could have done much better making this easier for the average home user to understand.

  • Kindle Customer - Ten Stars - We Love You Amazon

    For years, as "after school" grandparents for 3 teen grandkids, we've relied on this less expensive version of Microsoft Office to provide everything the kids as well as my husband and I need, within this package of office programs required by high schools, college, and at home. That's 5 stars there. But more than anything, at this time, we want to thank Amazon for their help with a heartbreaking experience. Our college aged granddaughter's Microsoft Surface Pro laptop was lost in the 500 year flood that hit Louisiana recently. She'd taken very good care of it going on three years, but the flood waters came on fast, unexpectedly, into areas that had never before flooded. She and her parents were evacuated and took shelter in a relative's home, and the waters continued to rise, so they were evacuated again by boat, and then again by boat...it wouldn't stop raining. Endless rain. Everywhere they took shelter took in flood water. Her family lost a lot and will be living with us for quite a while as they rebuild. School is a priority, though, so we purchased a replacement, a Dell laptop and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 for her through Amazon. Only two weeks later she laid it on the hood of her borrowed car (yep, her car was lost in the flood also). She was distracted and drove out of the school parking garage with it still on the hood, so there went her new laptop. So far the laptop hasn't been turned in by whomever found it. It is difficult to watch our loved ones experience one life lesson after another, especially when they're just barely able to keep their chin up, but our granddaughter insisted on paying to replace the lost laptop herself. Amazon, however, broke a couple of their standard rules and replaced the Microsoft software for her at no charge, not even shipping. For the second time in less than a month, our granddaughter sat at our table and set up a laptop, loaded the Microsoft software with ease, and was back online to complete her assignments. Thank you again, Amazon. You get ten stars! We love you.

  • Charlie - Confusing and Frustraiting

    I agree with Frozen Toes. I'm currently using this book for an intro computer course which is required before I can take PhotoShop. I have some practical experience with computers but nothing formal.