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    My favorite hair product of all time. A penny-quarter-size drop on the palm, rub hands together, slide through hair when wet after a shower, then brush. Tangles come out like magic, your hair smells SO GOOD, and if your hair dries curly, wavy, or straight it looks silky and amazing no matter what. Don't use more than that or apply @ scalp to avoid looking greasy. Works well on dry skin too. A tiny bit goes a long way. Love it. I have very long hair and my skin does NOT like conditioner chemicals, so I don't use conditioner, I just use silk. It's a great option for sensitive skin.

  • Jeannine Springer - Update Stinks

    I would have given a 5 star rating but since the last upgrade, the app says I'm out of moves when I have 50 left! Did it 3 times in a row so I was out of lives within 2 minutes. I will be deleting if this isn't fixed in the next day or two.

  • diassappointed - ruined my computer, it will do the same to yours

    I have a brand new computer fr Dell 4gb memeory-500gb hard drive programed this viper fr hsn few months ago, now it's slower than my oldest laptop. Yes, it will give you good start & just fine but few days later you can feel the defects it will brought to your system.