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    City: 126.9741 , Republic of Korea

  • oryxvt - Poor packaging...ruined product

    Packing was terrible, and with the heat in the UPS truck, when the board arrived it was warped in the box, which was too big for the item. I ended up returning it, and buying the same product locally. Very disappointed in the shipping practices. But I love the item.

  • BeeHive - Super cute and soft!

    This is so adorable. When I saw the teddy bear shape of it, I had to get it. Also, who doesn't like a memory foam pillow? It is very small (hence it's an infant pillow) and will probably only work for a baby no older than 3 months old. But that is the time when their heads are most fragile. This is perfect to use in their early months of life. The material is very soft and doesn't pile. The memory foam is not super hard. It is tan in color so it is great for a boy or a girl. I will be adding this to a basket that I will be making for my friend's baby shower next week.

  • turkshd - I've ordered this before

    Its one of those things.....would the poison ivy have been worse if I didn't use this product. Probably, but I really feel that it clears up poison ivy faster. And there is that satisfying step where you are supposed to scratch the dickens out of the spot to be treated before you use the product.

  • Tamey - Buyer beware

    After only having the software for 4 months I ended up having to reload my OS (not related to Kaspersky). I registered Kaspersky when I first loaded it. My software said I was allowed 3 users. So when I had to reload my software, I figured there would be no problem. It wouldn't activate. Said I had used up all my activations. I contacted their support. After they made me jump thru hoops to send them all kinds of scanned proof it was proper software (even though I registered it when I bought it), they tell me they will not reactivate the code because I bought it from Amazon. So beware, if you just have to have this product - buy it from their website and not from here. I'm going to contact Amazon, but I may end up going back to Spyware Doctor even if it is a cpu hog.