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  • Virginia Bietenholz - Body Ecology

    I really like the basic principles in the book and plan to follow them as much as I can. Some of the suggestions get a little far out, though. I definitely think it is worth reading the book and just glean from it what you need.


    Omg. I loved this book. Grant it it's not what you usual give us but this was a nice change. Love the mention of some of our old favorite characters. Part 2 please...

  • gogo - Im in love

    I just received it and its really gorgeous but unfortunately it came without grantee, so if any thing happen i cant repar it withou it, otherwise i really loved it

  • Kelli - Practically Too Thorough

    Very thorough book, which is good. But the online practice test was ridiculously hard and went into way more detail than the actual PCAT did. Honestly, you can skim most of the book and do fine on the exam. It has WAY more info than you need. On the full length practice test from Princeton Review, my composite score was a 60%. On the actual PCAT, my composite was a 99%. I took the practice test three days before my actual PCAT. It is a good place to study, but don't let the amount of material overwhelm. You cannot POSSIBLY learn all what's in the book, and that's okay because the PCAT test-makers know that.

  • Amazon Customer - Veterinarian Sees Flea-Infested Pets Who Use This Product - No Good!

    Products like this are fine for the environment, but as a product to place on the animal itself, it's a fail. Dogs and cats need constant flea control, especially in warmer climates that are condusive to year-round fleas. Spraying an animal "as needed" does nothing in high volume areas. This product requires you to use it daily (or multiple times a day since it doesn't work well) which is absurd and dangerous. As a veterinarian, I see the aftermath of people who use products like this on a regular basis - pets with horrible skin issues and infections secondary to poor flea control. The only products that ever seem to work on the pet are those applied once monthly to the skin or ingested orally. These DO NOT include anything you can get over the counter. I say this from years of experience. Actual prescription products USED CORRECTLY are extremely rare to have negative affects on pets, and they're actually effective at working, unlike this product. I saw two pets at my hospital this week alone where the owners used this, and they were covered in fleas and flea dirt. For a flea-allergic pet, this is a nightmare. Don't be conned into wasting your time and money with yet another bogus product. There's a reason veterinarians are in the top three most trusted professionals - we actually truly care about your pets and want the best for them. This is not a working product.

  • Kathelyn - too big

    This book is way bigger than the 2012 edition. I could have got the 2012 edition instead. I didn't like it.