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Western Trails Veterinarian - Edgewood, NM - Western Trails Veterinarian is the only full-service, mixed animal veterinary medical facility in the East Mountains of New Mexico. We provide services for dogs, cats, horses, and livestock. We have office hours 6 days a week and on call emergency hours 24/7.

  • http://westerntrailsvet.com/services.htm Services - Western Trails Veterinarian - Western Trails Veterinarian in Edgewood, New Mexico has a full range of vet services for large and small animals.
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  • Angela - I never felt full and knew my baby wasn't satisfied. It wasn't sustainable and the freezer stash was ...

    Can't believe the difference this made! My supply plummeted the week I returned to work and began pumping. Not sure if it was the stress or my body not reacting favorably to the pump. I was barely able to pump 9 oz during the day PLUS a midnight pump. I never felt full and knew my baby wasn't satisfied. It wasn't sustainable and the freezer stash was going fast. I started taking this on Friday. By Monday, I was noticeable fuller. By Tuesday AM, I was engorged and pumped plenty for the next day's demand during my work hours. No midnight pump needed. Very relieved! I hope this sustains.

  • Double S - Tight Line Spacing and Light Ink

    So, I wanted to give this one star, but it was nice to be able to get 5 registers at a reasonable rate. What I don't like is that the lines are tighter than the average register and they have the additional box for 'fees.' That takes up valuable space. I don't mind that the print/ink is very light, but some people might. I've never had to purchase registers before - always had plenty that came with my checks; however, now with online pay, I'm going through registers like crazy!

  • Aggie103 - I am nearing 70. (Coloring our hair never helps ...

    I am nearing 70. (Coloring our hair never helps?) These work. My hair is noticeably thicker, especially at the top of my head and front hairline. Warning: "other areas" also showed restored hair growth : / lal