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  • Velvetspyramid - Truly a moisturizer for all skin types

    This is one of the few moisturizers I can use and see any benefit. I have extremely difficult skin - it seems very dry but as soon as I use a moisturizer, I end up with pimples. Hope in a Jar is made for all skin types and I can testify to that. It helps dry skin without encouraging blemishes. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, is that, after several years of use, it seems to not work quite as well for me. However this may be because my skin is getting drier as I get older.

  • P. Gill - just the ticket for stag dos, rugby tours and the like

    Whilst not wanting to flog the concept to death, my review does not involve applying veet to the undercarriage. I'm somewhat of a legend scrumhalf (and lothario) in Pontyberem Rugby Football Club where I'm known for my killer haircuts. Over the years I've sported the George Michael (last Christmas) look, the Steve Beaton (the best looking man in darts) mullet and more recently, despite my advancing years and thinning pate, the Justin Beiber look.

  • Alastair G. Stell - Very machine dependent

    I want full disk backup and recovery, including a recovery DVD or CD disk that is self-booting. Secondly I want incremental backup of key application data (such as Outlook) and specific folders where I keep my work.