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  • Gordon Jones - Does Not Make Waffles!

    Completely useless. Does not make waffles. I bought this to make waffles. Now I will have to buy a waffle maker instead.

  • Kyle Land - 100% True...science experiment executed, remodeling bathroom this weekend....

    One can only handle so many reviews of "niagra falls through a coffee straw" before the question of "I wonder if this stuff is legit." All I can say is that after only 20, TWENTY, of these little sugarless delights, I am now installing handicap rails in my bathroom and suggesting my work place make them manditory for each stall. After ripping off my toilet paper roller in an attempt to keep myself from becoming airborne, I now know there are two important reasons for these handicap rails: 1) they allow you to have something sturdy to clinch on without damaging walls, toilet paper rolls, above the tank cabinets, etc. 2) at some point, I know I levitated off the toilet and remained airborne for approximately 5 seconds as what I can only describe as the force of a Saturn 5 rocket exploded from my bottom. I would load pictures of what my bathroom and toilet looked like but am affraid Amazon will close my account. Had I been able to grab ahold of something and anchor myself to the toilet, say for instance like a handicap rail, I may have prevented what can only be desribed as Helen Keller playing with brown spray paint all over the back of my toilet and walls. There comes a point when wet wipes are no longer effective due to the magma exploding from Mt. St. Anus and burning sensitive areas of your tush. The wet wipes eventually spontaneously combust. I surrendered and just curled up in the fetal position in the shower and prayed the cold water would never run out. For $35 I got the most amazing abdominal workout of my life and cleansed every toxin known to man all at the same time. That typically costs hundreds of dollars!!

  • Villager - Great

    I actually bought this book for my fiance who is in nursing school so I really can't say personally how it is. She told me it was great and very helpful. It had good tips on narrowing down the questions to only a couple possible answers and how to analyze the the questions the best way.

  • Diakka Andromalius - Scosche needs to work on this!

    The only reason this is in my Camaro now is I loved the cosmetic appearance over the Ugly Metra! And I didn't care for the Metra womanizing female silhouette on the screen. The scosche looks totally OEM and blends beautifully with the dash components. Now! Lol, I had Americas recognized number one audio installer of two tears running install this Scosche for me. They had such a difficult time with it the head installer said he would refuse to ever install another. When installing, first the touch screen module had a defective board. And had to be replaced. Then the on star module would not work as the volume control was not comparable causing the on star volume to be at the highest volume level. They determined the firmware for the module was not compatable. Luckily the Scosche Factory rep was there the day they were trying to install this unit in my Camaro SS. So he saw first hand what was going on and the nightmare the installer was having. After Scosche's unit cost many lost man hours and allot of un retrievable money was lost by the installer. They were able to get it working. It works fine now. I only hope I done have any further issues. I really hate writing a bad review because I know how hard money is to earn. But Scosche should have done all their homework prior to releasing this product to market that ultimately caused a lot of heart ache and lost revenue for professionals who work in this competitive demanding trade.

  • victoria - love it

    I'm am pleased to say with in two weeks i have energy again. i haven't fallowed the diet or exercise plan suggested. But to have energy again means everything to me, i can focus and get thing accomplished. thank you

  • Anna - Good Product, Excellent Customer Service

    I purchased this item for my iPhone 7, and yes, I paid for it myself in full. I got confused reading contradictory comments here, so hopefully this might help address similar confusions you might have--

  • Meghan Housel - Very Soft and Great Colors

    This bassinet sheet fits very snug on a 15" oval. You really have to stretch it onto there. Once you get it on, there's no slack for SIDS happening with this sheet. They are very good thread count and super fleecy soft.