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  • Samantha B. - My daughter is thrilled....

    When my daughter's birthday started getting close, she kept dropping hints about how badly she wanted a Ouija Board. I tried explaining to her that it was just a game, no different than Monopoly or Clue. Being 10 (almost 11) years old, she of course knew better than mommy. Since she never asks for anything and this was the only thing she really wanted, I decided to get it for her. She was totally thrilled when she opened it. She immediately wanted to talk to a ghost. I must admit, it is an absolutely beautiful board. They textured it to look and feel like wood and the planchette glows a spooky purple color. Unfortunately, the texture of the board causes a bit of a problem. The planchette has a felt type material on the bottom of it and it is supposed to easily glide across the board, but the wooden texture makes it difficult to move. In a way, that's a good thing, you can definitely tell that the person next to you is moving the planchette. I think she finally understands that it's just a game, but she still loves it. If you're looking to have a night of spooky fun, then this is great. If you're trying to communicate with spirits on the other side, not so much....

  • karina w khalife - The best!!

    I'm shocked at these 1 star reviews! I've had my stroller for over 4 years with no problems at all! Easiest stroller to fold up, big storage compartment, plenty of accessories, smooth ride, and best stroller of all. Definitely my favorite!

  • twalkerw - Too Good to be True!!!!

    Listen up, Gal Pals: If you're anything like me--and I bet you are because we are all identical! ;) ;) - you hate the confusion and fear of trying to write with smelly, empowered man-pens. "How do I hold it?" you wonder. "What do I write on?", "What is math?" I hear you, girlfriend. Let's face it, using your husband's pen feels like wearing trousers when not on a bicycle or horseback--it's just wrong! For so long women everywhere have wondered, "Will there ever be a writing utensil for me?"

  • Richard Glaser - I didn't have to do anything since the cable guy did it all but he told me this was the best one to get

    Bought on Amazon for use with Time Warner Cable. I didn't have to do anything since the cable guy did it all but he told me this was the best one to get. It was then easy to set up our wireless printers after with the WPS button in the front. It was also $50 cheaper than at Walmart. Well worth the cost.

  • Kwincy - No issues with this splitter!

    Works as advertised, came with different-sized tips, truly plug and play! Just remember to set your voltage on the easy to read switch and you're good to go! Used with a Foscam FI8918W.