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  • Jackie - Good for cleaning front loading washing machines

    I use one of these tablets 1 x month in my front loading washer along with keeping the washer door open when not in use. I've had the washer for 5 years and don't have any issues with that damp musty smell most people with front loaders complain about. My only complaint with the tablet is they don't dissolve... I have to run the cycle around 4 times before the tablet dissolves.

  • Ivelisse Ruiz - It’s almost like a gel and just a little goes a long ...

    The first thing I noticed was the consistency. This is a very light cream. It’s almost like a gel and just a little goes a long way. It’s not greasy so I’m able to wear it under my make up and as an everyday moisturizer. I have oily skin so when I get a cream that is too greasy I’m only able to use it as night creams but I already have other night creams so it means I probably won’t wear that cream too often. This is not the case with the Eva Naturals ski lightening cream. It’s actually refreshing and my skin feels soft and clean after the lotion is absorbed. I would recommend you wait 5 to 10 minutes after you apply it before you put on make up or other products on your face.

  • Ace T. - Awesome stuff

    So I was a little hesitant about getting this stuff. I've never heard of charcoal being used to whiten teeth and I was afraid that it was going to be a really messy ritual. I've seen comments that people use it in the shower which I've been doing. The first time I tried it, I noticed a slight difference and then after using it a few times I'm starting to see more that my teeth are becoming whiter. It doesn't have a taste but if you're brushing with the powder outside of the shower I would suggest that you keep your mouth closed as much as possible. It will get everywhere and it's not that hard to clean but a little annoying. I love this product and it looks like the amount you get can last a really long time.

  • Jessica B. - useful and easy installation

    Much bigger than I expected, good quality, very useful. Easy installation. VERY WELL MADE AND NICELY PACKAGED ... mirror has a nice wide view and is crystal clear ... easy to put on the seat back and has nice adjustments and swivel / tilt options ... it is exactly as described on amazon and i am very happy with my purchase .

  • Rita - A true facial peeling product! It lives up to its name.

    This product literally peels the dead skin off your face...and it's a good thing :) I felt my face had been dull for a lack of a better word. The products I was using just wasn't exfoliating my skin like I had hoped. My skin is fresh looking and more supple. Don't be nervous when little balls of skin come off, that's what it's supposed to do. How I found out about this product is when I went to visit my older sister. I couldn't get over how terrific her skin looked. When I said something to her about how good she looked she told me she had been using these products. I bought them the next week. I use the facial peeling once a week and follow it up with the milk cleanser and I use the moisturizing day cream every day in the mornings.

  • michelle hoi - I have been getting P0420 on my Camry 2000 for ...

    I have been getting P0420 on my Camry 2000 for a while(100k milage). Used 2 bottles within a month but it didn't fix anything. So it's not working for me at all. I don't know if it's just me or what, seems worked for a lot people but me.

  • Keli Mcclour - 4 cats+ 1 dog + 3 humans= FLEAS

    This product is simply amazing! I will NEVER have another flea problem as long as this stuff is on the market. We had a flea infestation and kept buying expensive bottles of spray. I tried every spray on the market, peppermint oil, salt in the carpet, and night lights with water bowls underneath (that catches some,but not enough). NOTHING worked until this stuff. I highly recommend wearing mask and goggles, even though it doesnt advise you to in the instructions. If you dont have them, they are available for cheap at your local hardware store OR on amazon! While i was brushing it into the carpet I had a box fan blowing on me to keep the dust from suffocating me. The dust makes it a little hard to breath, but it settles very quickly. I kept my animals and kid upstairs while I brushed downstairs. Afterward, I let the animals/kid come down (it was totally safe) while I continued treatment upstairs. The house simply felt cleaner! The fact that we didnt have to get a hotel overnight while I bombed the house or contact an expensive exterminator was a major bonus!! At the risk of sounding like a hokey infomercial: THANKS FLEABUSTERS!!!