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  • Ashley Jones - NOTHING FOR MY BOOTY YET, BUT.......

    okay, I went out on a limb and order this product, just to see if it works, by the way it has only been a week, and so far nothing that I have noticed. I will say all honesty, my breast have gotten fuller almost a half a cup, but what's even better is my husband noticed before I did, maybe because I was so focused on the butt. I was getting out the shower and he asked is it " that time of the month" I told him no, why? he says your breast look swollen! I looked in the mirrow and to my surprise they did. So if you're lookin for honesty, HONESTLY thats what it is. So we're clear, I haven't noticed anything in my butt, BUT I have in my breast. I figure if the pills are working on my itty bitty "breast" then I'll atleast finish the bottle.... Hell, I paid for it! Good luck ladies!

  • polecat - Super-comfortable, pretty, and shapely

    Love, love this bra! I'm a tall woman with a 36(more like 35)A chest, who's had a terrible time finding any bras that fit, and this bra is the holy grail for me. I wear the 34B (using the last set of closure hooks) in this one. It has just enough contouring and lift and has long enough straps that don't slip. It hugs my bust and enhances my size subtly, with enough coverage so that it doesn't show through fitted T shirts and sweaters. And no scratching or chafing whatsoever! No tags, and the materials are all very soft to my sensitive skin including the lace which adds a nice femme detail. I also like the strap adjustment is in the back, not front, so there's not plastic hardware showing through tight shirts. Totally happy they came out with this one!

  • J. Mahoney - Don't be mislead. It's not what you think.

    I heard "parental safe wifi" and thought, GREAT! My daughter can go to sesame street, fischer price, Nick Jr, Disney Jr. for her favorite educational games and shows. Perfect! I chose this for her over any other tablet. HUGE mistake. This thing comes with LIMITED PRECHOSEN sites ONLY. A few dozen cartoons, animal videos and ONE dumb game.

  • Andy - This is a Masterpiece, Landmark Collection which needs to be Heard

    Amazing, important piece of work.... a masterpiece by any standard. Talk about a collection that is passionate, creative, speaks to the heart, and most important of all, the harmonies and solo vocals are impeccable. This collection will stand out as probably the best release for the year. It's a shame that they can't record anymore as a Trio, so let's all be grateful that Emmylou has unearthed the 3rd CD of outtakes, which completes this wonderful gem of a collection. Highly, highly recommended -- a must have for any music collection.

  • Unity Dienes - Perfectly beautiful

    Sigh...she's perfect! Just a vision of pink tulle and glamour. Her arms are elegantly posed, and she has no gimmicks, special features, or noises. Just a classic Barbie doll, the way I remember them. She's exactly the kind of doll I'd like to give my own daughter for her birthday, and exactly the kind of princess that will make my girl's eyes light up and her heart leap. A beautiful doll!

  • Cindy K. - Loved it! A little pricey for blush but it ...

    Received a small sample in my birch box/glam bag forgot which one. Loved it! A little pricey for blush but it doesn't take much to do the job. Really love the color looks very natural.

  • Wael S. Abu Moghli - Solid motherboard

    Great motherboard. Intel is once again offering the board of choice for champion gamers and performance enthusiasts who live to push their systems way beyond the limits.