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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • david - Over the top customer concern and service

    This item was my second order of this product. I was having some reception issues between my phone and the device. I want to let everyone know that the seller contacted me after my review to send me a new one on their own. When I told them not to worry about it, they insisted that I let them send me a replacement. The unit works, just not quite as good as the last one. The first one failed because I washed and dried it...nothing to do with the device. I replied and told them that it was too much of a hassle to deal with for the cost of the unit. They INSISTED that they would send me another one. I told them "no" because I don't like getting things without paying for them. They were diligent in making the effort to be sure I was satisfied.

  • Grady Pounders - A ripoff -- plain and simple

    Shame on the designers of the ACT for this overpriced ripoff. There is one new practice test in this book. One! The others are carried over from the previous version, with the only changes being the essay prompts and the very minor changes in the science section (which are due to the change from there being seven passages to six). As an educator, I had no choice but to buy an updated copy of the book, but having paid for it, I also have the right to publicly trash it and criticize the unscrupulous publishers. They really ought to be ashamed of themselves. I am steering as many of my students as possible toward the SAT.

  • GEORGE - Mr number

    Just downloaded the app yesterday. So far the number that I blocked hasn't called so for now I think it works.

  • Norrees - Does not work at all !

    This product does not do what it says it will do : remove rust. I tried it more than once, in many ways, I followed the instructions the first time, let it sit for 2 min, it didnt work, So I thought I'd let it sit for a while, didn't work, used it diluted, didnt work, used it pure, didnt work, tried scrubbing, tried without scrubbing...nothing, nothing, nothing worked. I don't know if it works for calcium or lime or anything else but it SURELY does NOT work on RUST ! I saw so many reviews from people raving about it but it didn't work for me, very disappointed.

  • ashley - JERKYYYYY

    I waited for this beef jerky for awhile before it arrived. The shipping took longer then expected, but happy it came today! The flavor is different than your typical "jack link" or Slim Jim jerky, but you can tell it is obviously much better quality. I've never had grass fed jerky, and it tasted more bitter. But without all the added sugar and preservatives, it's what you should expect. Overall, my son and husband like it a lot!