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  • Romance Reader - Good for light hair removal

    I don't have much facial hair and I was looking for something to remove the hair over my lip - mostly light blond but a few dark hairs and the hair under my chin - very dark brown and spotty. The chin hair has only developed since I turned 60. It did remove the softer blond hairs but did little on the coarser brown hairs. However - the smell is not bad as depilatories go and it did not irritate my skin. I will continue to use it but I doubt I will buy it again as I still would like to find another solution to the darker hairs..

  • Da Behr - A complete waste of money..don't go there

    I thought that this product was useless because my floor became filmy and dull. The bonna wouldn't even help remove sticky spots in the kitchen. So I just went back to hot water and a microfiber mop. I decided the finish on my floor was worn out. Now I read other reviewers who are saying the Bona causes the film. Great. Now I am going to try to get the film off, and see if things improve.

  • Berlymw06 - Not sure what that's about but will be a great hit I'm sure

    Very excited to get this for my husband for Christmas but it says it will not ship until between 10/21-11/19. Not sure what that's about but will be a great hit I'm sure!