VEP Healthcare, Inc - VEP Healthcare provides emergency medical services staff, hospitalist programs, hospital medicine staffing for urban trauma centers, community hospitals

  • Healthcare Emergency Medical Services Administrators - VEP Healthcare emergency medical services administrators, emergency department staff, hospitalist programs, hospital staffing for hospital trauma centers

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -87.6441 Illinois, United States

  • Dave - This isn't "Prime"

    I just received the Rabbit TV device. First; if you bought it from Amazon be ready to get technical assistance to find your "user I.D." And GOOD LUCK finding how to get TO the assistance. Many of the movies offered in the menu don't really exist. Take my advice...YOU ARE MUCH BETTER-OFF SUBSCRIBING TO AMAZON PRIME. Free shipping PLUS all those great movies in the bargin.

  • Erika Kandel - Great product & jar!

    I was pretty stoked to try this product, as my skin isn't what it used to be as I approach 40. I also have some redness I like to combat. I picked this one based on the list of ingredients and claims (71% organic and a bunch of natural stuff in there- including shea butter and green tea).

  • Teresa C - Simple, well constructed, easy to fill and use - certainly a benefit to any busy cook's kitchen.

    The best pepper grinder I have ever owned. I had given up on pepper grinders - I find filling many that I have tried to be not worth the hassle. This pepper mill is fantastic. It has an easy open silicone flap at the top of the handle. And yet my 5 & 3 year old enjoyed trying to open it, but needed help. The perfect balance for a busy mom - simple for me, difficult enough to deter the preschool set. The filling of the grinder was so smooth. My kids used a funnel & the peppercorns went in smoothly and easily - none of the forcing them through the mechanism that I have found with the traditional grinder design.