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  • Greg Steeves - Dittos on the 'No Upgrade Pricing' Comments

    I have nothing to add to all those who have already remarked on the new policy of not offering an upgrade price. I just wanted to throw in my 'one star' to bring the overall rating even lower. I've been using Microsoft software since MSDos, but am SERIOUSLY looking at switching to a Mac and forsaking all MS products. Customer loyalty means nothing to them anymore.

  • Mark T. Coffin - I love this product

    I love this product. Have used it for over 3 years. It's form has changed a bit during development, but the current version is both compact and very user-friendly. The suction is strong enough so that the procedure takes less than 15 seconds - without any mess! I do not have sinus infections, but hoped it would help with allergies and common head colds. I've had no incidents of either since I started using Navage. I think it even helps with snoring!