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  • Deb03 - Just what we needed...

    Not sure why they put partial roof racks on cars these days, but these were exactly what we needed to put our cap on the top of our Ford Escape and at a good price!

  • FoozNinja - Simple Yet Complex

    I have 2 sets of trekking poles, and this one if my favorite. Not just because it has the compass on the top, or the fact it is blue, adjustable, has a shock absorber and you can use the spike bottom for picking up trash or leaves...but because the hand grip is the most comfortable. Its super easy to use, simple yet complex. I just love it! I will update you with any issues, but so far I am very impressed with this product! I should also let you know that I received this product (very kindly) at a discounted rate during a special promotion. I treat each product that I review as though I paid full price for it. My goal is to help you, the end user make an educated buying decision as I help myself to a discount for my extra time. Kinda like quality control or a foodie reviewer that travels the globe writing blogs...or even maybe Guardian ad Litem, lol, except they all make money and I just pay a little less than the average buyer. Anyways my point is I am a neutral party, I'm eclectic and have esoteric knowledge, and I still dream about what I want to be when I grow up but I try to judge each product fairly. I review all products fairly according to the following scale:

  • Amazon Customer - Great Power Bank!!!

    I love this power bank! The color is great and is about the size of an iPhone 5s, maybe a little longer. Charged my battery today and the bank still remained on 100%. Love this so much and anyone looking for a power bank, this one is amazing.

  • Janet Ruckles - Absolutely a must if you have a family member with ...

    Absolutely a must if you have a family member with autism, ADHD, ADD or bipolar disorder. So few people understand how allergies and a leaky gut can result in devastating depression and negative behaviors. The author is extremely knowledgeable about how the 'gut' affects the brain and how the type of food we eat affects us.

  • A.Maiorano - Long lasting Bright colors!

    Great dye so far it's lasted for 5 months and hasn't had much loss of color or brightness. Directions are easy and the actual orange dye smells great! Instead of smelling like hair dye is almost smells fruity! I already had preflight ended hair so I didn't need the bleach that came with the set but I like that it comes with it so that when I get new growth and need to dye it I can bleach the new growth with the leftovers and not have to buy another kit! I've used Splat color before and have never had any complaints.. I've used the hot pink the teal blue and now the orange and all three were bright and lasted for an incredibly long time ( the blue lasted the shorted time and the pink the longest -over a year) the colors I've used have always been true to the color shown on he box as well.. Always VERY bright colors. But I will warn you everyone's hair is different..,if you put dye on freshly bleached hair your color will wash out faster than say if you have had your hair bleached for awhile. If u do dye on freshly bleached hair it takes lil before your hair will hold the color so when the color fades dye it again and u should have better results the 2nd time around and even better the 3rd etc. :) just a helpful hint

  • Carmen Tay - Purchased this for Stretch Marks!

    So I have some unsightly stretch marks from 11 years ago when I gave birth to my little munchkin. I've only been using bio oil and "strexderma" for about a two weeks, so no real results yet. Time will tell and if I remember I will come back to update this review.

  • Sjvila - My new best friend

    It took me some thinking and reviewing before actually purchasing the slendertone. But went through it and am so glad I did. This product works! It is a little uncomfortable at first but you can really feel the tightening of the core. I expected instant gratification or at least soreness but it took about 4 days before I started to feel sore. BUT thats not the best part!! Men, you can skip this part. Women: I received this product while on my cycle. and I was so excited to try it I didnt even care that I had thunder cramps. The slendertone SMOOTHED or RUBBED out the CRAMPS!! it was so soothing! so not only do I have a product that will tone my core, but also a cramp relieving miracle machine?! I would spend double what I paid! WORTHIT!