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  • Marc Bedard - Great software, awful look

    Nice upgrade to Visual Studio 2010 in terms of added features to the C++ language. However, the "new" retro metro style looks awful on this software. Even the icons are ugly.

  • Michael H. Conlon - waste of money

    We bought these kits for our Bear cub scouts to work on. Fortunately we tried to build one before the den meeting. There is NO WAY an 8-9 year old could do this even with adult help. The boys and adults for that matter would not have the patience for this project. The parts are too small, the wire too flimsy, and overall just too complicated for a kid. My husband who is an engineer finally gave up on it half way through the project. We will be returning the other kits! Do NOT buy this item! It doesn't even rate 1 star.

  • Aiala Reizer - Disappointed long time customer

    I have used Living Cookbook since 2003 and was happy with it...... up until now. I upgraded it for the third time to the latest version several weeks ago. Frankly, very little changed since my previous version (2008). Yet, I was charged relatively quite a bit for the upgrade. Big mistake (on my part, that is, for upgrading). Still no app for a mobile device. These days, it is a big disadvantage. But the worst of all, which contributed the most to my disappointment is their present customer service. Multiple emails with questions, as well as plea for help on actual issues with the latest version, have not been answered. While searching through their user community in cyberspace, I have encountered similar complaints. My emails and feedback remain ignored and unanswered. I suppose it will be a bye bye to this software. How disappointing as one of their strongest points in the past was quality customer service.

  • lawrence m. tencza - Arthri D3 Great results for me so far!

    Been taking it for 3 weeks now and it is the first thing to actually give me relief. Im 50, had 1 hip replaced 5 years ago, need the other replaced as well as my knees in the near future. I know its working because I have not been complaining about my joints. I have not noticed my arthrits the past week and a half. Thats a nice feeling. I have arthritis in every joint of my body. Was taking Viox years ago only when absolutely needed because of the side effects before they took it off the market. Have tried other drugs as well as natural supplements including glucosimine and chondroitant (Spelling) with no results. Only reason I tried this was it was natural, did some research online and seems to be one of the only natural supplements that was not given a bad rap. Even doctors said it may have some positve effects which most dont like to say. But I found nothing negative. I will be purchasing another bottle or 2. For about $55 for a months supply I thought it was worth the try. Hope it works for others.