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  • LM_Omaha - Works fast!!

    I bought this for my mother and she absolutely loves it!! She had been having trouble with her vision and feeling tired and groggy, this has changed that for her! Thankyou.

  • R. Dewitt - turned my laptop into a readable gps unit with night ...

    turned my laptop into a readable gps unit with night vision as well. if your on the road reception will dust any droid's reception.

  • JBoi - Worse than skunk spray on rotting garbage

    First, a little history. My brother has been sprayed by a skunk... TWICE! So he knows stink. I thought it would be funny to unscrew the spray lid and throw the entire bottle at my brother. WARNING: DO NOT try this at home, it was a horrible, terrible mistake! He got doused with this nasty fluid, and it brought him to his knees, dry heaving violently. Of course I thought it was hilarious, until the stink hit me like a freight train. I've been in the vicinity of pepper spray before, and this was worse. My eyes were watering and the violent dry heaving was uncontrollable. I couldn't get away fast enough. My bro told me it was 100 times worse than getting sprayed by a skunk. Once he came back to his senses, he stripped and ran straight for the shower. The smell would not wash off, and we literally had to burn his clothes and bury the ashes. Everything the fluid touched was an abomination.

  • Brad Werner - Tech support was great. Took less than an hour from getting tools ...

    Tech support was great. Took less than an hour from getting tools out to putting them away after completing.