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  • David Schulpius - Wow, Simple and it works. I had green ...

    Wow, Simple and it works. I had green mold stains on top of my canvas tent over my deck. They have been there since last year. I sprayed this stuff on and the next day they were gone! Yesterday I sprayed down an indoor-outdoor burber carpet I have on the same deck that has lots of mold stains on it. Today there is a little improvement but I imagine this application will take longer due to the mold stains being imbedded in carpet fibers and not thin canvas. The directions do say it can take 6 to 12 months before all stains are gone. It also says it can be applied every 4 weeks as needed.

  • Stephanie - Always a favorite

    I've been a long time Cooking Light subscriber, but the new tablet edition is a lot of fun. Bright pictures. Engaging interface. Easy ways to find recipes and plenty of bonus recipes, too. Great buy!

  • Leah Kay - This is a simple and low amount of ingredient formula that smells amazing because of essential oils

    Stretching and shrinking of the belly requires extra moisturization on the skin to soak in. I had a baby and currently am on my 45 lb weightloss journey postpartum. While being pregnant, I put on lotion multiple times a day. Postpartum has been a little more of a challenge because I needed to find a more natural product since I have been extended breastfeeding. This is a simple and low amount of ingredient formula that smells amazing because of essential oils. It moisturizes well with not tacky residue. It took about 2 minutes for the butter to soak into my skin. It takes very little of this product t o get enough moisturization for the entire stomach. The entire stomach requires me to use about a teaspoon of product. I have been using this product for about a week and haven't seen any lightening of my stretch marks, but I haven't seen any new stretch marks spring up from my weight loss.

  • Tye D. - 100% the real deal

    Having not so good luck finding organic pure shea butter in my area I decided to try online and I received product today and I already feel that I made a great decision to purchase this brand. It is actual, authentic shea (sourced in Ghana), as in not processed or artificially colored and I do appreciate the smoothness of the product which i would assume come from how it is manufactured into the jar. It melts with ease right onto the skin and has the aroma that shea butter is suppose to have and was not scented or enhanced at all which is just another reason why this was a great choice. The product is easy to use and the size should last me a few months (i use it sparingly) and I have already used the product in a few ways (hair, skin and as carrier for another stronger oil) and I have been more then pleased with the results and have no issues in any of the applications thus far. Overall I love where the product comes from, how it was processed (or lack thereof,) its safe and no animal testing for the product either.

  • MMarble - Quality

    Fitting the car seat adapter to the BOB stroller was literally a snap. Snap it in, and it releases with the push of a button. The frame feels very sturdy and it has allowed us to use our BOB several months earlier than we would have been able to otherwise as our daughter would be way too small for the harness that comes with the BOB. Highly recommend!