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Turismo La Guancha - Ya se encuentra abierta al público la oficina de información turística de La Guancha en el Albergue Municipal. Deseamos verles pronto y ofrecerles toda

Country:, Europe, ES

City: 2.159 Barcelona, Spain

  • Steven Byrd - This item looks awesome on my white Titan with black trim

    I just bought a monthly membership to a local car wash. I was worried about losing the stock antenna for my truck. This item looks awesome on my white Titan with black trim. There's no noticeable difference in the radio reception. I'm glad I bought this!

  • Malaika - Finally found holy grail body wash for son

    After using another brand's liquid castille soap on my son for awhile and countering the drying aftereffects on his skin with lotions and oils, I've switched to this EMBA foaming wash and couldn't be happier. While I am not partial to orange vanilla scents, the aroma of this wash is mild enough and, more importantly for us, the wash is non-drying, rinses well and does the job of cleaning up a 4 y/o that plays hard. One caveat: this is a shampoo and body wash but I don't use this on his hair as it leaves it dull and a bit straw-like.

  • goblue - Go get this today!

    Wow, after reading a few of the negative reviews, I expected this to be a flimsy piece of garbage. In reality, it's a dream come true. Our 2.5 year old, after the first night, picked this up right away and is now waking up at 7 instead of 6. Mom gets to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet before she has to get the kids off to school. We've had this for three days and every morning he wakes up right at 7 and says, "It's green!"

  • shamika - great

    it as like new everything was great but it didnt come with the online code for the online portion but other than that it as fine

  • Jeanne E. Kasten - Fantastic results! depending on what you need it for

    A friend of mine that I bought this for is experiencing wonderful results from this, and is now taking nattokinase with it. His lungs are clearing after years of smoking, he can take deeper breaths than he could before. His esophageal strictures seem to be lessening, and his blood pressure has become normal after 30 years of high blood pressure.He's given up his bp meds because every time he checks it (frequently) it's in the normal range. He's really excited about it. Been taking it since mid-September.