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  • Amazon Customer - I noticed that my scars were fading and my skin felt like actual skin

    in order for this product to work, you need to first cleanse your skin with warm water and some deep pore cleanser of your choice. Then this product will go into your pores and it will work. If you just put it on right after taking off your makeup without taking all the bacteria and dirt out first, then it will only pile up and cause you to break out more.

  • Amazon Customer - i hate deet smell so i cannot use other repellant

    pleasant smell and it does repel mosquitoes. I have been using this for a few summers. i hate deet smell so i cannot use other repellant. I hope more stores carry this and more people use this, because i dont see this in local stores, and i am afraid it may be discontinued one day.

  • Kevin M. - A great mild skin cleanser

    I've always had sensitive skin and struggled in the past with finding a good facial cleanser that keeps the occasional breakout at bay. When I was in my teens I used proactive with mixed results until finally one day I saw the Eminence products at my yoga studio. I've been using it for years and it has done the job very nicely without ever causing my skin any trouble. I would highly recommend this product... The only thing I wish Eminence would do (and this is very minor) is make a travel size so I could have one of those for traveling (gel is not easy to get in and out of a travel bottle).

  • MakeupAZ - Hair one for dry hair, did ok, but not sure why they have alcohol as a 2nd & 3rd ingredient

    * Hair One, definitely feels moisturizing and hydrating, no suds, but then from another review I read that it has Alcohol as an ingredient, looked on the bottle and found:

  • Cthulhu The Destroyer - For that nice cozy feeling of love

    Finally you can sacrifice your child in front of a miniaturized avatar of me and show your faith in Mighty Cthulhu. If your test of faith showed you revere your child more than me, Cthulhu, then screw you! We'll have a little talk later - in your nightmares. Also, I recommend giving the remaining four avatars to some parents at your child's kindergarten to enter the lottery to become my new prophet. (Terms and conditions concerning prophet bonus superpowers may apply. Only citizens of the Milky Way Galaxy are eligible.)

  • John Gaspard - My husband finally accepted his doctors diagnosis that he has ...

    My husband finally accepted his doctors diagnosis that he has diabetes. So I suggested that he use Goldenseal. He takes 2 a day and this keeps his sugar level down. Golden seal also acts as an antibiotic so it has many uses.

  • Paulette Hoffman - Not much relief

    I put it on my knee 3 times a day as directed but got no relief. I continued for about 2 weeks but still no relief. My husband tried it on his shoulder and had some relief but that was minimal. I tried blue emo and got relief after the second using. Would not buy this again.