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  • nicholas┬áhafen - Wonderful behind the scenes reporting

    Ronson has done some real investigative reporting in this short book. He drills down to the corrupt bedrock of Trumps backers who are 100% elites.

  • Tony - I got one good Clone Disk and now the software won't start!

    Be wary of this program, and particularly its non-existent support. I downloaded and installed the program with no problem. Made a clone disk and all seemed to go well. Two weeks later I attempted to make another clone disk, and the program wouldn't even start up. I wrote for support and of course my mail took 2 days for anyone to answer a simple question, and forget about follow up or talking to anyone live. Unless you have a month to message them, with two days in between each post, you'll never get any help from them. I googled acronis and the startup problem and found that this is a widespread problem with seemingly no solution. Wanting to try everything, I uninstalled the program and reinstalled and as I had been told by others, the problem was still there. So after spending all this money on this thing, and getting one good backup (no I didn't install anything else that might conflict), the software is useless. As was any attempt to get my money back. So purchase this at your own risk, it is not a well designed piece of software and it will cause you more headaches than it will ever be worth. They did send an upgrade, that didn't do anything but slow my computer down, and it still won't load.

  • Amanda - Looks a lot like it has some sort of fine powder glitter sort ...

    I wouldn't use this as my only facial moisturizer - my face still feels dry if this is all I use. It's tinted just enough that it's barely noticable. My one complaint is that it is extremely sparkly. Looks a lot like it has some sort of fine powder glitter sort of thing in it, which I don't like.

  • Lewis Culer - Monthly payroll fee not displayed by Amazon

    Warning. There is a monthly per/employee fee associated with this software in addition to the software cost. I just got a bill from Intuit Payroll. Amazon does not post this additional fee.

  • Rockin Roller - A great blood purifier.

    Golden seal is great for monthly toxins removal to prevent build up. Air pollution makes this a must to remove toxins for your health. Golden Seal is also a must have if you are a smoker or around smokers or around other toxic fumes to protect your health from toxins. Even indoor air pollution puts toxins in your body.

  • Contest Queen - I expceted it to be really cool, as it is

    This is so comfirtable! I expceted it to be really cool, as it is, but I never would have expected the comfort here. It is all big headphones for your eyes. I am used to wearing glasses and these are as comfortable. I cannot wait to play around with all the AR apps. So cool!

  • Andrew Oberg - Great product.

    So I just finished installing this today. It's was well put together and having all four turn signals shipped with it as well was a plus. I ran into a bit of trouble with the front turn signals since they had three wires, black/brown/blue. Anyways, you basically don't use the blue wires since they are the running lights. These turn signals won't stay on all the time, only when you turn on your signals, hence why there are only two wires on the lights. Basically cut the blue all the way down, on the stock lights, and match black to black, and color to color and you're set. Definitely satisfied.