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  • Julie N - Baby soft skin!

    I have a 6 month old and I swear my skin is softer than his when I use this product. And my fine lines are greatly diminished. I use Pond's cold cream for a cleanser, then this, then Neutragena's visibly even moisturizer to even out old acne marks. In the first 2-3 weeks I felt like I had a new face. Since then the difference is slower to notice but there continues to be gentle improvement each week. Worth buying on the sale price, for sure.

  • Josh - These Stubbys are great. The low profile allows going through things like ...

    These Stubbys are great. The low profile allows going through things like the carwash without have to remove it. I haven't noticed any decrease in radio function either.

  • Keyon W. - Solid album. Worth a listen ALL THE WAY THROUGH....

    I am a J. Cole fan. Have been since the Warm-up. With that being said this is a solid album through and through. If you enjoyed any of his album minus Sideline story (sorry that was his weakest effort to me) and his mixtapes, you wouldn't want to miss this album. I was surprised to see a new release from him, pleasantly surprised I must say. I really enjoyed the listen. Love his transparency, that what makes me a fan. That really shines on this album. There are a couple songs I couldn't get into such as....G.O.M.D and Hello. I understand their message, just didn't sink in with me. I skip those now. Other than those songs, I can play it front to back. The reason I didn't give this a 5 star rating was because I don't deem this a classic record. The warm-up is classic to me. I would have gave it 4.5 stars but you can't unfortunately. For the Cole fans, GET IT! Support your man because other than Kendrick Lamar there really isn't any mainstream artist with anything worth listening to nowadays. I've lost hope for this "New hip-hop" but because of J Cole and Kendrick I still have a blimp of hope for its future. If you're not a fan, shame on you. You missing out on the REAL!

  • EdMarch - M2W is all the ads claim it to be

    The item arrived within 3 business days with standard shipping. I was able to install it within 1/2 hour, and that was taking my time. It works flawlessly so far. I usually open the exhaust on the highway but can quiet it down with the push of a button for conversation or a favorite on the radio.


    WEBROOT is the best I have ever used, been using AVAST, AVG , payed and free version for the past 15 years, and before that Bit-Diffender was 2nd Best tried Avira, Norton, McAfee also , after taking off Avast payed version, I decided to give it a try , recommended by PC Magazine and C Net and not only it caught things that the other 2 didn't, it runs smoothly like no other, and it catches what the other top best didn't , if you get it ,which I highly recommend it and plan on staying with it. Download it from Amazon its half price than going to the site and you get 3 licenses, this is the best hands down, your computer does not slow down ,you forget its there and it wont miss anything all I have to say is O.M.G why didn't I try this before, Computer Geek 25 Years.