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    Total garbage....there is a reason all the products they demo it on are white. It turns everything white, especially anything made of a material, shoes! Put it on a $100 pair of work boots and it ruined them.

  • butch huff - Get it now! You won't regret one sentence of it!

    If you're weary of the sanitized fluff that is so typical of celebrity autobiographies, then Carole Bayer Sager just changed the genre. In this heartfelt memoir she pulls back the curtain and takes us behind the music into a life that will surprise every reader. Every heartbreak is here, and the pain is authentic. All of the fame and fortune in the world couldn't shield her from any of it, and she reveals it all in a wonderfully well written book. This is truly the only celebrity memoir I've read that reads like a novel, and is impossible to put down. Get it now, you won't regret one sentence of it!

  • David - The good book

    First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 is THE book that all medical students should have and be using on day 1 of medical school.

  • Steffy - I really like this, it is great for my kids hubby ...

    I really like this, it is great for my kids hubby and myself. I really like how it has a holder and seperator for the tools too. So they aren't shoved in a drawer somewhere and get all gross. I really appreciate it! This is a great thing to use to keep your teeth and gums healthy! Thank you!