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  • Mr. Fix-it - lt seems to work great

    I started using this in the past year in my older cars and noticed a smoother, quieter engine with less oil consumption. Also, when I change the oil, it is noticeably slicker and stickier. I use the synthetic type in the winter for better flow.

  • Ricardo Bush - I lost weight on this!

    I started using this product as a weight loss attempt. I lost a remarkable amount of weight and I feel so much healthier. I don't like drinking nasty looking liquids. So if you need this and don't want to drink something that looks like snot, then this product is perfect for you.

  • Aimee Williams - Leaks and makes loud noise when unplugged!

    I got this blender and no matter how tight you screw on the base, it leaks when you blend it. Afew times a bunch of liquid has come out and it leaked all over the counter. Other times just a bit leaks out, but it goes down into the blender base and I can't see a way to clean it. I don't like the idea of stuff leaking into the base without being able to clean it, I mean, what if ants get in it or it grows mold?

  • Jack_238 - Worked for me

    This stuff worked for me. I cannot imagine it would work for every situation. I think where there is a high pressure leak it would be more likely to fail or fail sooner.

  • trevia mccray - Dont Buy Weathertech

    Not even worth the money. Go invest in $20 mats and don't let ppl eat or drink in your car. The customer service is crappy and they don't back their products. Customer fit so they say for me Not True at all so I got dupped out of $120. So not Worth It. They are full of be after they get your money.

  • Benny Profane - Easy, works great

    Won't overdo it with details here because all you need to know is that this product does exactly what it claims to do. I bought it as an "extender" because our router, located in my home office, is about 25 yards from our main TV and our streaming of Netflix, etc., has been inconsistent and slow. I plugged it in. Followed easy instructions. And now our Netflix is rolling at HD speed. If you're looking for an extender at a reasonable price, buy this product.

  • Lance James Systems North America - Very good for safety

    This bath mat is what I've been looking for to make sure that I can safely use the shower without slipping. While I've seen these in hotels and other places, I never actually saw this for sale until now. In general, application is simple as the bottom is made of suction cups that stick to the surface of the shower floor. The treading on this mat provide enough traction to stay standing and work well even with water.