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  • Flash Bandicoot - No support for new OS, but have lots of excuses

    My wife bought one of these about two years ago. During that time there has been essentially one revision of Windows, going from 7 to 8/8.1. Do you think maybe it would work on 8.1? No, it won't even load, and according to the FAQ on their website, because Windows 8 postdates the product, they won't support it and essentially say that you are out of luck, or that you can pay us a bunch of money to upgrade. If the pattern holds, it won't run on Windows 10 later this year since that post dates their current version. Look for that excuse on their FAQ later this year. No other vendor behaves this way. There are other products to buy.

  • Marissa Bonilla - Progress

    I will have to update my review after 21 days, it's been 5 days so far and although I see progress (down 5.5 pounds in 1 week) I'm also dramatically changing my diet. I'm eating fewer than 1000 calories a day and drinking more water. The drops taste weird but only for a second and then the taste disappears. I'm taking 10 drops 3x a day. I think 6x a day is more effective because it suppresses appetite once taken but I'm sticking to the bottle instructions.