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  • TheCrazyCanuck - This is a very nice charger, although at first it looks like it ...

    This is a very nice charger, although at first it looks like it charges only four batteries at a time you can charge them in groups to allow you to charge 8 small batteries at a time. Each battery location has three connections so if you charge 4 or less you can use the center ones. If you charge 8 batteries then skip the center one and use the two sides per pair. I have no clue if you can charge 12 - AAA batteries using all 12 connections at the same time but the charge indicator only tracks 8 batteries so I wouldn't risk it unless the manual says it's possible.

  • Patrick J Rider - Great Software

    I have downloaded but have yet to use this 2012 version that I am reviewing but I have not doubt that it will be just as good as the previous versions. H&R Block does a great job of making the software easy to install and very intuitive. I would highly recommend this software to any do-it-yourself tax person.

  • Amazon Customer - excellent for the price.

    Great little camera at a good price. Does exactly what it's advertised for. It is small enough to be easily concealed and the battery lasts long enought to be a great recording tool.

  • Carol Adair - Great value, that has added lots of joy and entertainment for the kids.

    So far the kinds are in love with these watches. The battery time seems to be more than sufficient to get them through the day with moderate use, and they seem to be able to handle a fair amount of abuse. Even for a 4 year old these things are easy enough for them to figure out and have hours of fun with. The watch seems to be adjustable for very small wrists, and overall the size and weight is not too big for smaller children to be able to manage wearing. I would say overall that these are a great deal for the forty something dollars we paid for them.

  • goody - Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

    Great tracklist, it has tons of popular songs from today and many oldies, too. Makes good use of the gamepad, you can sing in to it for a karaoke bonus, and record yourself dancing with the front-facing camera, then share it. The World Dance Floor and new challenger mode also help to improve the single player experience.