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  • Connie Hoffmann - Duped on the Cruise

    Four of us on Princess lines bought into a great presentation by cruise line. Brought up was movie Food Inc, which we have at home and this made him seem a most reliable sprokesman to us. Our purchase of over $668 for six month program or as we did divide so 1/2 for each of us. We started with Cal-Metab Plus then to Silhouette and now on Vitality. This is the plan sold to us. ZERO results in my opinion. We are exercising and eating organic healthy foods. I am using Fitness Pal to track food and exercise for free. This is a great site. But the Detox may be detoxing??? But are not a weight loss product. Not one of us have seen any results from these products. The hard sell by Princess employee's was tough to walk away from. My rule is never buy any big purchase without walking away and thinking about what is being sold. We broke our rule and got taken for a ride. Expensive lession for us guilible cruisers. Not sure why I gave this even one STAR. It really was zero value and I should have rated it as Zero Star.

  • Amazon Customer - I can not yet tell you if they work in good faith, yet I will tell you that I ...

    I have ordered both this product as well as the fat burner, I can not yet tell you if they work in good faith, yet I will tell you that I am 8 weeks out of an eating disorder facility, I have and know a distributor that I help to get some money in her pocket as she is young and needs money for college. I try to tell people that they need a strong moral or ethical character to distribute these type of things or have the background to help guide those who may be heading into the direction that I did. Knowing how unhealthy it may be to try these, and reading review after review, my urge to try is high and can not control the compulsive thoughts of at least testing the waters. If any distributors are reading this please understand that you may be contributing to, or feeding an eating disorder /addiction. I shall write more if this product fails me, or maintains me. God bless everyone on there journey towards a lifestyle change

  • Roy J. Kline - Success!

    Needed two attempts to stop multiple leaks in my spa, but Fix-A-Leak eventually worked. On the second try, I didn't drain the water, and the tub has held for a month now. Cheap fix for expensive repairs. Would purchase product again