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Timéo et les Autres... - Bienvenue - Dit is een demo website van Template1200 voor CMS Made Simple. Maak een website met een parallax achtergrond. Voor deze template zijn Formbuilder en Gallery nodig en is makkelijk te installeren in CMS Made Simple!

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  • LillyPutian - Too early to tell, but...

    So far so good. It has helped with the fluid build up. I don't think I've been taking this product long enough to see major results yet, but staying hopeful. Thankful for 1body, allowing a claim of a free bottle after purchase. :D

  • Tony - Can not download current issue

    I have had the worse time trying to download the new issue of Cooking Light. I'm assuming with the new upgrade is actually a downgrade and there is not a customer service you can contact when you actually have a problem.

  • Tania - Waste of money - Very dissappointed!

    I've been using this Nuface product on just one hand for 3 weeks for 15 minutes a day to see if it works before I start on my face. So far my hands look the same, absolutely no difference on the texture or wrinkles. I have to say, it's a total waste of money. I've been doing my face at the salon and had good results, I really wish this worked as I don't want to continue spending money at the salon....too expensive. If someone finds a product that does what it says let me know!

  • MBurton - Not what I was expecting

    This book was not for me. Partly my fault. I should have taken the label "Dark" seriously. I just thought it was labeled that way because of the taboo of stepdad/stepdaughter relationship. I got to 68% and I just couldn't finish. This book is NOT safe, lots of triggers and the things happening were not sexy.

  • Lawanda J. Edmond - Do be stumbled in doing performance reviews

    The performance appraisal phrase book is a great book to assist with performing appraisals. You no longer have to be stumped for words or phrases while appraising your employees. This book offers many great template for every situation you will encounter, thus saving you time.

  • Steiner - A must have for anyone with large yard clean up!

    After renting walking behind blowers for years I decided to purchase one. The Southland unit is great! it worked every bit as good as the more expensive rental units that I'm used to. I would recommend the Southland blower to everyone with large yard clean up or parking lot maintenance..