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Tick Repellent Guide - Know about Ticks and how to repel Ticks. Learn about Tick-transmitted diseases and how to protect yourself.

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  • http://tickrepellent.net/permethrin-best-tick-repellent/ Permethrin Tick repellent - Permethrin works as repellent against ticks, mosquitoes and most insects. Treat clothing and fabrics with Permethrin to protect you from ticks and mosquitos.

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  • John W. Harvey - What a Misfit!!!

    The grille inserts don't look too bad out of the package. When you hold the two grille pieces up against the upper main factory grille, you can immediately see that there is going to be a problem. When the outside edges of the grille inserts are placed against the factory grille, the middle of the inserts are still about two inches from touching the factory grille. The bow on the inserts is not proper.

  • Judy Friedman - because the fleas were really bad! I highly recommend this product

    I bought 3 bottles for my brother's house! House was totally INFESTED with fleas! Noticed results immediately! Fleas seem to be gone. but still spraying whole house once a week ...because the fleas were really bad! I highly recommend this product. No chemical smell...just a very light, refreshing smell....safe to spray on bedding and sofa and pets themselves...Not highly priced and goes a long way!

  • Sue Marie - Only works if you have backseat headrests!

    I like this back seat mirror and it would be great for most cars except for mine that doesn't have a headrest! I was able to give this backseat mirror to someone that was able to use and she absolutely loved it. The mirror did not shake or move while driving, it doesn't fog up and she's able to see her baby clearly with the mirror and she's able to see both of her kids in the back seat! It was also easy for her to attach to the backseat as well. I gave this product 4 stars because I feel it should have been made to fit cars with and without headrests. Overall it's a good product but it's only recommended if you have a backseat headrests.

  • AT85 - Years with this Product... still not disappointed

    I've been using the Nioxin system on and off since I was 16... when I began shedding hair at an alarming rate. Waking up and finding a pillow full of hair doesn't exactly feel right to a teenager. Luckily I heard about Nioxin and after 3 months of use my hair was back to its normal thickness. I continued use for a few years and then bounced back and forth between several products.

  • Chelsea S. - It surprisingly had a nice saltiness to it without being too salty

    I have never tried biltong before now. I am a huge fan of beef jerky though so I figured I'd give this a try. I got the original and I wasn't expecting much taste. It surprisingly had a nice saltiness to it without being too salty. It's a great low carb low fat high protein snack. There are minimal ingredients which I also really like. There are no hard to pronounce ingredients either. The only complaint I have is about the cost. $5 to ship from south jersey when I live in northern Delaware, is a bit much and I know it doesn't cost that much to send it. It's more expensive than your normal beef jerky. I'd probably purchase this again if I was splurging a bit.

  • C. Reilly - Broke within 9 months

    I purchased this blender from Bed Bath and Beyond on July 9th 2012 and today is March 6th 2013, I am glad I saved my receipt and box because it burned up this morning in the middle of making my breakfast.