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  • The bogus lady doctor | The Quack Doctor - In the West Midlands in the 1890s, Maria Owen pretended to be a doctor in order to part people from their cash.

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  • Prettygal - Warning-DONT ORDER THIS!! The bottle came to me nearly empty and it irritated my skin

    I wasn't too pleased with the results of the facial peeling product. My skin is very sensitive so maybe this is why it irritated my skin but I will never be purchasing or using this product again. Also I want to say I used this product twice and the bottle is already empty which made me realize that it was never full to begin with. Not a happy customer.

  • June malig - Unsatisfied and then what?

    The item received is not in the box as seen when i ordered. The product itself are not sealed.. I wondered if insigde the product are legitimate minoxidil solution... So dissapointed again....