Extremely low systemic absorption of active ingredients in external the application makes overdose practically impossible priligy australia In our time, the treatment of any disease is carried out with medication. However, the cost of some drugs is sometimes sky-high.

The Quack Doctor - A collection of panacean powders, pills, potions and pamphlets, as advertised in historical newspapers

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  • Prettygal - Warning-DONT ORDER THIS!! The bottle came to me nearly empty and it irritated my skin

    I wasn't too pleased with the results of the facial peeling product. My skin is very sensitive so maybe this is why it irritated my skin but I will never be purchasing or using this product again. Also I want to say I used this product twice and the bottle is already empty which made me realize that it was never full to begin with. Not a happy customer.

  • June malig - Unsatisfied and then what?

    The item received is not in the box as seen when i ordered. The product itself are not sealed.. I wondered if insigde the product are legitimate minoxidil solution... So dissapointed again....