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  • Katrina R. Fletcher - My new favorite gadget!

    I will be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect with this earbud. It arrived next day and I've worn it pretty much every second since to test it.

  • thomas sim - Thumbs up for best messenger bag

    Recommended to all. Bag material was way higher quality than I expected, nice interior quality as well. I bought a small size bag, was a bit worry it's too small after I received. I had two scenario in my mind before buying this and worry after seeing actual size.

  • Hyun Soo Nah - I have to say I was relaxed and comfortable while my tattoo artist was working on my back ...

    I tried the numbing gel for the first time after having many tattoos. I have to say I was relaxed and comfortable while my tattoo artist was working on my back for 4.5 hours. I will definitely buy more and try the spray out as well. Just make sure you add on some more when taking breaks.

  • Jay Ethridge - Easy to install and is plenty big enough to get ...

    Easy to install and is plenty big enough to get my valuables in. This vault will not hold a full-size handgun but will hold a compact (S&W 9c/40c) or Bersa Thunder .380cc or smaller with plenty of room for phone, wallet, GPS, etc. It's not going to keep a determined thief with plenty of time and a large screwdriver or wrecking bar but it should be more than enough protection from your normal "smash and grab" miscreant.

  • Andreina Z. - The best purchase ever made

    I'm just sorry I didn't buy it sooner. The color is ridiculous beautiful and very unique! The other part that sucks is how many people stop us to ask about the stroller 😊

  • Jimmie - A Great Umbrella with a Superior Design

    I have tested this product. Here is my review which is based solely on whether it meets or exceeds the claims made by the vendor/manufacturer in their description of the product and my personal experiences and observations with the item in testing. How many times have I gone to get into the car in the pouring rain. No matter how skilled one is – taking the typical umbrella down and not getting wet is impossible. Now the Better Brella has the problem. Instead of folding down – this reverse action umbrella folds up –like inside out. So the wet portion stays away from you in the reverse action design. I wondered about the durability of such as design. But in my testing, I found this umbrella to be quite solid – in addition to keeping you warm and dry when you are getting into your car – or backing into the door of a room. The construction and design were really impressive to me. While I have not tested it at 50 MPH, it is clear that the Better Brella will withstand a significant wind. And that is important where we life – lots of wind with the rain. I purchased this for myself, but when it arrive and my wife saw it – yep, you guessed it – the Better Brella belongs to her now. That’s okay, I scored some valuable points with the high quality and very usable umbrella. I recommend this umbrella – and so does my wife. And by the way, it is large enough to keep the rain off – even in the wind. Disclaimer: I received this product for a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • Violet - have used this stuff forever

    bliss fat girl slim, clarins high definition body lift and Itworks defining gel are in my opinion the best cellulite creams ever. bliss fat girl slim has been a staple in my regime for years. im 5'7 about 129 pounds, work out when i can and am on my feet all day as well. the cream has a bit of a cooling sensation to it, and i finding applying it to my midsection then wraping it in plastic wrap makes the product work further. i noticed a noticeable difference in texture on my legs within the first week. they look smoother and feel firmer for sure