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  • Amazon Customer - Works very well!

    I've been using this product for a few weeks now, not every day but several times a week. It seems to work really well. I've noticed that a lot less hair is going down the drain as I shower, and there is way less hair in the comb. My hair used to fall out really easily, like if the wind blew hard several strands of hair would just fly right off my head. After using this shampoo, that is happening less frequently. Although I haven't noticed any new hair growth yet, this product is working as intended and greatly slowing down the hair loss. Thank goodness I bought it when I did, otherwise I would probably be bald by now! I highly recommend this product to anyone who is experiencing hair loss.

  • Lynn Lutz - GREAT PROGRAM

    All was going fine after the switch to Windows 7 until I tried to use Printshop 20, not gonna happen. I've used printshop since it came on a 5 1/2 inch floppy, and after reading all the reviews for a decient card making program, and most of them was horror stories. a friend said he used the Hallmark 2011 and had no problems with it on Vista, so I gave it a try. Got it two days before Amazon said I would, that was great. I had Christmas cards to produce and time was running out, the learning curve wasnt too bad. I was able to use my own graphics and could just about edit all their stuff. Couldn't get the Hallmark logo off, but I discovered a way to cover it, got the cards out on time and everyone enjoyed them. I did take some time to read the manual and now I know how to remove it, and a few other tricks too, the more I mess with it the more I like it... Lynn

  • Nitasha Lee Hildreth - This Health Regiment is Brilliant!

    This diet plan has been the only thing that has showed by any promising improvement for my varied health challenges. This book clarifies and de-mystifies the dysfunctions that cause many of the current health problems that exist for westerners today.